The whole truth about Ismail's festival of "Arabic creators"

It was held a month ago in Suez .. organized by «Education» employees on behalf of Tamer Jendi .. He attended Hanan Shawki

Images of social networking users Facebook, a broad criticism of the event, which was described as the celebration of the International Media Festival and the Arabic Ismailia, under the slogan "Egypt".
Ahmed al-Yamani, media adviser to Ismailia province, denied the organization of the action in the district.
The Ismailia Education Directorate has launched an extensive investigation into the incident after it was said that the organizer of the festival is one of the staff of the Coordination and Follow-up Directorate.
The headquarters said he would investigate tamer Khaled al-Jundi, director of coordination, on the background of an event in honor of a number of media professionals, which sparked a wide-ranging debate.
The sources explain that the soldier is a teacher of sports education and was assigned to work at the Security Department Directorate for Education in 2015 and was expelled for his work on social networking sites but returned to settle in the post-coordination unit.
Sameh Atef, director of the Arab Organization for Creator, said the festival that caused a stir was organized a month ago on an Austrian street in Suez in the presence of a number of artists and media professionals such as Hanan Shawki, Libna Wens and media personalities Rania Wajih and Sara Fouad .

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