URGENT Important statement on "meteorology" about the weather Saturday .. And the fall of rain in these provinces (expected temperatures)

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The WMO announced the weather forecast on Saturday (November 10th).

Low and medium clouds are spreading in the north of the country, accompanied by occasional strong rainfall on the northern coasts, Sinai and Sinai, slightly to Cairo and light in northern Upper Egypt.

Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Al, head of the meteorological office, said the temperature and amount of rainfall differs from place to place according to the nature of the site, suggesting that the cities of October 6 and the fifth are colder because of the width of the site.

"Rain will continue on the northern coasts, and the weak rain will hit Halaib and Salatin, and at the end of Saturday the rain will be limited to rain," Abdul-Al said during a telephone conversation Friday in Egypt. The northern coast is light.

He asked the meteorologist, drivers, to exercise caution in the absence of vision and rainfall, and advised citizens to wear heavy clothing, especially at night.

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