Demi Lovato's active time on Saturday's living facility after rehab

Demi Lovato

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for PhilyMack

Demi Lovato remains on the way to recovering it with help from its surroundings.

The singer, who was hospitalized in July for apparent overdose and asked for rehabilitation treatment, is reversed, as confirmed by recent observations in California. In addition, according to sources, the 26-year-old Grammy candidate is "moving" and will not return to the home where he was in rehab. "It's still on the market and she has moved," insider said.

Instead, she divided her rehabilitation time into several places, including a mother's house and a designer Henri Alexander Levy'S house. She was photographed and knew Levy late.

In addition, the source confirmed that the star "also spends time in a sober living facility where it has a large support system."

"He uses it slowly and returns to life every day," said the source. "There is no danger of finding out where she will live permanently."

Demi Lovato


Lovato is no stranger living organizer. In 2013 she allegedly lived in a sober environment for more than a year while she was a judge X Factor.

Reports on its existing accommodation facilities make sense when it comes to access to health after rehabilitation. "Last week she resigned from rehab, but her treatment continues, she will have therapies, and she will attend meetings," the source said. "It will be a lifelong commitment and her treatment does not end because she is out of rehab."

The officer also said Lovato wanted to "ease and not put himself at risk." Overall, he presents his health.

As the source said: "She really wants to relax and exercise and do everything in her power to stay healthy, she wants to give what's going on behind her and move forward to her health and the right decision."

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