Ethiopia: 20,000 Ethiopian small farmers focused on smart climate technology

CTA, together with Farm Africa, has launched a new project to support the resilience of 20,000 small farmers to climate change in ethnic minorities and national minorities in Ethiopia (SNNPR).

The launch is the third and final one on the CTA initiative, which promotes the change of smart technologies for smart agriculture in Jamaica, Mali and now Ethiopia.

"We need to build the ability of small farmers to cope with unpredictable climate variability through technological innovations and improved farming practices," said Michael Hailu, director of CTA, to test some of these innovations and open the way to spreading successful practices to a large number of farmers.

The 22-month project entitled "Accelerating Smart Agricultural Initiatives in Ethiopia" will help small farmers adapt to climate change by adopting climate-based technologies and practices, including providing weather and market information. It will target 20,000 small farmers in three districts (known as woredas) of the region, Halaba special woreda, Hadero Tunto and Damot Gale.

The Agricultural Intelligent Climate (CSA) has been developed as an approach to achieving triple trips in agriculture through increased agricultural productivity, adaptation (promoting crop growth under changing climatic conditions) and mitigation (reduction of greenhouse gas emissions). Despite the existence of many innovative innovations in CSA, the mass adoption of agricultural approaches that are potentially playful for farmers is slow.

Yasmin Abdulwassie, director of Africa's Ethiopian farm, said: "We are delighted to be working with CTA to help farmers in the SNNPR increase revenues in an environmentally sustainable way, helping to increase not only food security but also household incomes for thousands of people living in an area that is prone to climatic extremes. "

the project comes from the European Union through CTA. The expected results include increased agricultural productivity and food security for small farmers and better adaptive capacity for climate uncertainties for small farmers. Overall, thanks to the CSA initiative, this initiative will contribute to increased food security and resilience for 50,000 small farmers in the three ACP countries.

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