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Govt weighs on ways to cope with the consequences of polio – Newspapers

PESHAWAR: The government is considering ways to cope with the aftermath of the incident on Monday, when thousands of children were briefly hospitalized for a 'response' to a polio vaccine.

Possibilities include reducing the quantity of national immunization and sub-immunization campaigns against poliomyelitis by source.

They said that nine national vaccination campaigns were carried out in this province, which were six weeks apart, while four sub-immunization campaigns against polio were carried out in selected districts. This meant that the vaccine staff visited each household on average ten times a month, causing doubts in the minds of people, they added.

Frequent campaigns have also exposed healthcare workers who have been angry with some people by knocking on the door. "The new strategy is aimed at moving from a high profile to a low profile business," the source said.

New strategy to include reduction of quantum immunization units

In each campaign, the medical department deployed about 60,000 workers, including security personnel who created a war similar to the situation where drop-offs were given to children with carefully protected vaccines. A new option is likely to be adopted and polio vaccination will run quarterly.

This not only removes the fatigue of prevalence among employees, but creates a demand for OPV.

Reducing polio campaigns will also reduce costs by 50%, which is reflected in millions of rupees. The incident also forced the health department to label the World Immunization Week by organizing provincial and district programs.

The provincial government annually introduces vaccines into the field to vaccinate children. Now he has decided to raise public awareness instead of vaccination in the face of threats to horrors of vaccines.

But the government's response to the drama is happening. It is unlikely that the aggressive approach will remove the rumors of OPV.

They deceive the opponents of vaccines in their neighborhoods and claim that the government does not provide treatment for people in hospitals to kill diseases, but monitors children in schools, homes, and polio vaccine roads as part of an "international plot."

Trusting parents buy this argument because they do not know that poliomyelitis is the only childhood disease that can be completely eradicated as if it has been eradicated throughout the world, with the exception of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

It is now clear to everyone that the hysteria created by the opponents was a drama, but the government's excessive response created a special situation.

On social media images show how target children climb trees to avoid vaccination. The paramedics are watched in the same trees behind the children to provide them with OPV. The next video shows dozens of school children who are instantly distracted from the playground when someone in the background yells that vaccinees are coming.

Private school owners announced at a press conference that they would not allow vaccination and proposed home vaccination in the presence of their parents. Incident investigations named people who played a negative role and assisted in the drama production that day.

Unlike polio vaccination, nine diseases in the 1,295 EPI center in provincial health care facilities are about 90%. Children will take their parents to their parents, but refuse to give children their children against children.

Released at Dawn, April 29, 2019

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