John Isner gets a heart out after Novak Djokovic

John Isner found out he had learned about the death of his best friend when he drove this week after a fight with Novak Djokovic for the ATP final.

The American and his friend Kyle Morgan were described as "inseparable" – while the fearsome star fought and played by Marin Cilic and Alexander Zverev, losing all three of their matches at the London tournament, Sun reports.

He was overtaken by 7-6 6-3 talented German Zverev, which means he leaves the UK with three defeats of three.

Any chance of a 33-year-old man who enjoyed London was fractured earlier in the week.

After losing 6-4 6-3 to World No. 1 and the favorite Djokovic tournament, Isner learned he had lost something more important – his best friend, Morgan.

Circumstances around the sudden death of 35 years are still unknown, but of course shocked the tennis star.

Morgan was Isner's power coach, and the pair were adjacent to an "inseparable bond".

In an emotional contribution, Instagram wrote world number 10: "RIP Kyle It's hard to explain how much I love you and how you helped me when you are today.

"My heart and all who knew you are totally broken. You have touched as many lives as you can.

"You were a hockey player in Florida, Gator, I'm a tennis player from Georgia Bulldog, despite our crazy differences we have created an inseparable bond.

"You were the most knowledgeable strength trainer at all, and the years we spent in the gym allowed me to compete at the highest level You were the best goddamn chef I've ever seen I miss the wings that we were preparing for the NFL on Sunday.

"More than anything else, you were a friend, the best friend I could ever ask for." Kyle Steven Morgan, I love you fool, but it's never to be forgotten. "

The American customized his shoes by writing "KM" with large, courageous letters. A small but personal contact with your late friend.

Speaking after his second match, Marin Cilic's narrow triple defeat, Isner said, "When I left high school, I worked with Kyle for seven years, four, five times a week for seven years.

"We were certainly very close, it was devastating not only for me, but for many people, it was a fantastic guy."

It was, of course, a difficult week on and off the pitch, but after his third and final match, Isner tried to stay drunk about his debut at the season tournament.

After his loss to Zverev, Isner said: "I think it's definitely a positive experience, this is my first ATP final, and I know I will not get to the younger, but I would like to try this next year.

"It was a bit difficult to deal with (Morgan's death). I do not think it has a negative effect on my game, I just wish I could play a little better.

"But I do not think it has anything to do with the things that happened outside of this event for me. It was very difficult."

Qualification for the ATP finals, though with the selection from Rafael Nadal and Juan Martino Del Potro, is the testimony of Isner's year.

This year he won two tournaments, the fifth Atlanta Open at six, and the first Masters 1000 in Miami.

In September she became the father for the first time when her daughter Hunter Grace was born. She arrived nine months after he knotted the knot and took the jewelry designer Madison McKinley.

He added, "I think it's a life-changing situation for me and my wife.

"For me, I think it will definitely help.

"Before our daughter is born, I think getting married is another big step.

"It definitely sorts up something personally, it was the perfect timing of all.

"Everything moved in my personal life quite smoothly, so I think it will help.

"That's why I have played remarkably well this year, I look forward to next year."

This article originally appeared in the sun and was reproduced with permission

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