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Poor season hits new low for attacking Williams

BAKU, Azerbaijan – Drain cover, crash, last place. It's not as it was for Williams.

One of the most saved Formula 1 teams – with nine constructors' championships – Williams fought for speed and money for years, but the Azerbaijani Grand Prix has reached a new low.

First came a free drain cover that destroyed George Russell's car on Friday, an expensive blow to Williams's small budget. He added an insult to the wound, a truck carrying his car hit the bridge, damaged the crane, which then smeared Russell Williams with hydraulic fluid.

Russell is the reigning Formula 2 champion, but the incompetent Williams car means he is now better known for his unplanned encounter with Azerbaijani runoffs instead of rippling in his season.

Then it was Robert Kubica's turn, whose welcome return to Formula One after a serious injury was short for inspirational moments.

The field was the final of all four races in progress and qualified on Saturday. From there Kubica somehow deteriorated at the weekend.

The disadvantage of starting from the pit lane was intensified when the Stewards decided to break the rules of procedure and handed Kubica a penalty penalty during the race.

Despite the proud history of Williams and the current bad form, he is not tempted to seek a new owner. Williams is vigilant about his independence and is proud to have the founder Frank Williams, who has been appointed team director, even though his daughter Claire Williams is now processing day-to-day operations.

“That's what we do. We have nothing to do. So it's not on the market, ”said Claire Williams.

“I want to go out and prove that we can do what we do in this sport and that is to get back on stage and win the races again. This may take a long time, but Frank did it for more than 10 years when he started this sport. "

The immediate goal, however, is to prevent the season from being pointless for the first time since 1977.


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