Preview: Toyota aims to extend entertainment fun with the latest Corolla car

Revised Toyota Corolla.

When next generation Toyota comes out with the respectable compact Toyota Corolla sedan, the Japanese manufacturer really wants to add some excitement to this brand.

"We've made our new Corolla from basics," said Stephen Beatty, vice president of Toyota Canada, introducing the sedan here. "The new TNGA platform allows our customers to feel … better maneuverability and superior driving dynamics and surprisingly impressive power."

Yes, this is the Corolla he's talking about, that's 45 million Toyota units that have been sold over the past 50 years, and legendary for being popular in beige color with characteristics.

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The Corolla, the 12th-generation hatchback available in Canada, has been available since summer and built on the toughest Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform. The cabin has a new 2.0-liter dynamic engine that is more powerful and efficient and the new sedan will be sold with a 169 horsepower engine in its SE and XSE sports models.

Regular trimming of LE and XLE will maintain the current 1.8 liter engine, 132 hp, although it is apparently converted to higher performance and higher fuel consumption.

The SE and XSE Corolla sedan will include a completely new Dynamic Dynamic Power Engine 2.0.

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Hybrid version of Corolly, which was not previously sold in North America, will appear at Los Angeles Motor Show later this month, and will arrive next year to represent.

All Corolla sedans will share the same dimensions: the wheelbase is unchanged, but the wagon is slightly wider and lower so the center of gravity drops two centimeters to improve its handling. In more speeches, Toyota called the designers a new look "robust" because they apparently shot at the attitude inherently inspirational.

Whether they succeeded is on the consumer side, but the 2020 sedan looks a bit more aggressive, with squatter looks and flashing arcs around the wheels to make it even wider. The LE and SE air lining have different grilles and lighting, sports models have 18-inch wheels available compared to standard 16-inch steel wheels.

The new Corolla sedan has a slightly more aggressive look.

As with the hatch, the sedan comes with either a six-speed manual gearbox or a CVT gearbox that has a mechanical first gear for faster start-up. The CVT has a standard paddle shift on the steering wheel, while the manual has an electronic speed adjustment for smooth shifts.

The TNGA platform is 60 percent stronger than before, for better handling around the corners, while the old torsion beam suspension is now replaced by a separate rear suspension independently of one another and a completely revised MacPherson front suspension.

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"If I had to choose one thing that would be really exciting for the new Corolla, it would be all technology," said Adam Lovelady, Toyota's product specialist. "We have Apple CarPlay, Alexa, WiFi, security connectivity, all of the shoes that hide along with our standard Toyota security system, and we've put so much energy and technology into it so we're safer for everyone.

"And now it's a sporting model that brings real sporting things: more power, more torque and we keep the manual alive."

Adam Lovelady, the Toyota product team, says the new Corolla technology is its most exciting feature.

The new generation of Toyota driver safety assistance is standard in all versions. This includes an active cruise control (which automatically adjusts your speed so that it does not travel faster than the vehicle in front) and a pre-collision system that uses radar and camera to detect vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and other road users in front of the car – automatically strikes the brakes that a collision occurs.

Even technologies such as lane tracking assistance that uses the lane center and make sure that Corolla does not bother over the tracks is standard. It was available only in luxury luxury cars some years ago.

It is expected that the price will be similar to the current generation MSRP of $ 16,790, which will increase to $ 27,980 for the top model Corolla hatchback. It will be announced closer to the new Corolla launch in the spring.

The writer was the guest of the carmaker. Content not approved.

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