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The Blues double defensive wound, the ruckman rebounded again

Backline CARLTON S suffered a double blow she encountered Kade Simpson and Nothing Newman both were to skip the next three weeks due to the relevant injuries of the matter lasting last Sunday.

Meantime, Matthew Kreuzer Frustrating fitness problems continue, with Ruckman set up a miss Sunday match with North Melbourne due to a minor adductor problem.

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Simpson sat down the entire second half of the narrow club club by six losses to Hawthorn, with shelters on Tuesday defining low-grade damage to hamstring.

Meanwhile, Newman, who had been fluctuating his knee in Launceston, suffered patella tendon damage and is expected to miss another month.

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This could give the first round a choice Liam Stocker in the AFL debut, after the young man continued to play in the middle of the world in the VFL.

The club will probably not consider Tom Williamson as he continues his recovery from back problems, p Jarrod Garlett another way to return to the back line.

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