The unpredictability of football is a surprising world

The Dutch shocked the world by qualifying for the League of Nations semifinals and hoping to continue with such lively projects

One of the reasons why football is loved around the world is its unpredictability. When most people saw that the Netherlands had been dragged out with Germany and France for their League of Nations group, many would give them a chance.

In fact, such a gloom that surrounded the Dutch's chances was understandable, especially after what seemed to be a complete disorder after the 2014 World Cup. The Dutch were in a totally unsatisfactory situation because they did not get to Euro 2016 and continued their trend because they missed the World Championship in 2018.

Many people lamented the status of the national team in the Netherlands because the managers came and could not find a solution to their difficulties. However, it seems that Ronald Koeman may have a magic wand because his accusations expose her against Germany by ensuring a return.

It's a moment we saw such a lively Dutch display led by Liverpool's Virgil Van Dijk in Veltins-Arena. Van Dijk also grabbed the subtitles not only for his late goal, which saved the 2-2 draw for his nation, but to stifle the referee's game that just lost his mother.

Moving forward, it is expected that the Netherlands will be able to continue with these performances and will be eligible for the euro in 2020. These iconic orange kits have been missed around the world.

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