18h report – Influenza: The price of the vaccine has doubled almost a year

Flu vaccination is good for your health, but it's a little less for social security. This year, the Health Insurance Act is almost doubled: 63 million euros this winter against 35 million euros last year,

This is explained by the vaccine itself, as it has been enriched compared to 2017. To date, it has been composed of three inactivated strains of influenza, two strains A and one strain B. It was said while the flu vaccine was trivalent. today he is four times, consisting of four strains. Two strains A, as before, but two strains of B.

Manufacturers added one follow WHO recommendations, World Health Organization. Because every year the vaccine composition is updated to monitor the development of the virus. In addition, adding the strain to the vaccine increases the production costs and hence the bill. Last year, you had to pay at the pharmacy 6.20 euros to obtain a flu vaccine. Today it is almost doubled, 11,13 eur,

This is not unconditional for health insurance, because if the price of the vaccine increases, the number of French to be vaccinated remains the same, This salty discovery that the organization will have to pay. But everything is not lost, because if this vaccine proves to be effective, thousands of medical names can be avoided.

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