Blanche Gardin: Her lover Louis C.K confirms their romance!

This time it's official! Blanche Gardin is in a relationship and her mistress is not far-fetched. In fact, he is a comedian, actor, screenwriter, producer and American director Louis C.K. He confirmed on stage during a surprising show by influential Hollywood reporter,

After announcing his show on Tuesday 6 November 2018 in the morning, American humor revealed Saturday night live he performed on the stage of the theater the same evening. In the present, a certain Blanche Gardin with whom he was photographed hand-in-hand on the streets of New York on October 23rd. "I went out with this woman for a while outside and she's French"he said, before rejecting any jokes about France.

Other doubts. Admirer Louis C. K, who was a teacher or rather in his words "guide"Blanche Gardin did not hide his affection for his American colleague during the last Caesar, and so he made a feel of the sketch with the Louis C.K badge in full storm #metoo, And really the actor of the series Louie she was accused by five women of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior (before and / or showed her sex masturbated). "I had a lot of these women to admire me. And he did not use this power too much. Blame yourself. I tried to learn from my activities. To get away from it. Now I'm aware of their impact"he said a few days after the scandal he had revealed New York Times November 10, 2017. "I did not do anything for it. I have to deal with who I am. Which is nothing compared to what he has to manage for me"he said.

From Molières to Caesar, always Louis

The scandal was that the HBO channel removed all the comic content on its site, and Netflix canceled the broadcast of one person. Since then, Netflix has been awarded the rights to the hit show by Blanche Gardin, I speak for myselfthat are currently being broadcast on the streaming platform.

In Moliere, in 2017, Blanche Gardin felt he publicly dared to attack Roman Polanski, a French-Polish director accused of raping a minor. "I loved being on the stage with my little friends, especially because when we were on stage, the director could not touch us. He was a great director, by the way, hey, you have to know how to separate men from the artist"she said, adding:"It is strange that this kindness only applies to artists. We do not say, for example, a baker: "It's true he raped a couple of kids in a bakery, but it's still an extraordinary wand""Real paving in the pond, which was widely commented and applauded by the general public." The following year was perfect when she recovered Molière's humor, and especially thanked for her inspiration to Ludwig C.K.

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