ceremonies under high supervision in Paris

Paris Police Force fears overflows related to the autonomous movement at the edge of official events.

Arc de Triomphe, Paris, November 9.

The event is historic, the era is dangerous. Faced with a terrorist threat considered to be "Particularly high", the Paris Police Prefecture (PF) has taken extraordinary measures to secure the official events that took place on Sunday, November 11 in Paris, around a memorial to celebrate the anniversary of the ceasefire war on 14-18. With the presence of 72 Heads of State, Government and International Organizations, as well as 98 foreign delegations in the capital, evokes PP "Maximum Mobilization" of its services and announces the deployment of almost 10,000 law enforcement personnel. Apart from the risk of attack, however, the disturbance attributable to radical left-wing activists of interest to the authorities is possible.

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"200 to 400 elements with high violent potential"

The "Black Block" could become the head of a demonstration held Sunday afternoon at Namesti Republiky to protest against the presence of US President Donald Trump in Paris. Friday Parisian contained a confidential note that journalists had access to "200 to 400 elements with high violent potential could try to reach wilderness and try to reach the margins of the US Embassy, ​​the Elysee Palace (…) and / or the Grand Hall of La Villette (…) where it will be solemnly opened [première] the Paris Forum on Peace. "

At the Paris-Luttes Information Point, the Paris-Banlieue anti-fascist event calls on its supporters to take a demonstration demonstration on Sunday to prove their opposition to the arrival of the tenant of the White House considered " a crime for all the victims of his policy, both in the United States and around the world "More generally, the group on the left calls for mobilization against "Celebration of the butcher's end beside today's butchers, in the memory of millions of dead, wounded and missing." Since mobilization against labor law in 2016, the main procession of organized autonomous movements has been the heart of violent clashes with the police.

Traffic restrictions

The police prefecture announced that entry to the Republic Square metro station will be closed on Sunday, and an enormous forbidden vehicle could be located in the surrounding streets if circumstances warrant it. This limitation of traffic is in addition to a number of measures that limit access to several parts of the capital that came into effect on 10 November.

In order to ensure the evening dinner by President Emmanuel Macron at the Musée d'Orsay on Saturday evening and where heads of state, government and international organizations were expected in the capital, a driving ban was introduced from 18am between Saint-Germain Boulevard, rue de Rivoli, Pont Neuf Place de la Concorde. The Paris Philharmonic, where a concert for members of foreign delegations takes place, was the subject of similar measures in northeastern Paris.

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Passage of the procession of foreign guests

Sunday, securing the Archery ceremony marks the closure of a significant part of the districts of West Paris, around the Tuileries to the Bois de Boulogne, from 7:00. Metro stations located near the Champs-Elysées should also be closed from 8:00 and the exits from Porte Dauphine on the ring road will be neutralized from 13am to 8pm. The facility will also be closed for twelve kilometers between the Porte de la Muette and the Porte de Pantin from 13:00 to 16:00 due to the passage of foreign guests who will go to the main hall de la Villette after lunch in Versailles to open a peace forum Sunday afternoon. The Porte de Pantin outputs will also be neutralized from 12 hours to 22 hours.

  • Attacks against Macron: four men accusedThey called for a plot to attack the President of the Republic in connection with a memorial trip on November 11: four sympathizers arrested on Tuesday in Moselle were charged Saturday. For a criminal terrorist criminal association, a criminal investigation has begun by the Paris State State, which has requested detention. A total of six suspects aged 22 to 62, including a former soldier, were arrested by the Director of Homeland Security (DGSI) during this attack on the ultravysokou hospital, the third of ten – eight months. In addition, six attack plans were destroyed this year in France, Interior Minister Laurent Nunez said in an interview Sunday newspaper : "Since November 2013, 55 Islamic attack projects have been thwarted by intelligence services."

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