Cybergun will sell weapons, real |

After November 11, Cybergun announced that the Ministry of the Interior had received permission to produce, sell and store firearms, real, and not just false replicas for military training.

Cybergun, up until then a manufacturer of firearms, for free-time shooting or police training (in France, the state has already ordered replicas of Glock), announces that he has been authorized by the Ministry of Interior to produce, sell and store firearms of category B (hand guns, repeat, semi-automatic). "This permission, which is difficult to obtain, is a result of the confidential work of several months, carried out with the highest capabilities of our military division and the research and development department of the"explains CEO Hugo Brugière.

"After more than a year of shadow and confidential military service led by General (2S) Emmanuel Maurin, associated with all the other services of the group, Cybergun has just gained the last element missing the completion of a partnership with a known weapon maker", informs a company who wanted to communicate in the early hours of November 9, 2016, when Trump's victory in the US presidential election seemed to celebrate "New Perspectives" that the voting results were open to him.

"Several Million Euros"

Cybergun will be able to enter production after a framework contract with its partner is concluded, "Manufacturer of World Weapons", a contract that will win him "Several million euros a year in about ten years." Enough to increase his turnover, for six years. From almost € 85 million in 2012 to 32 million in the last financial year, which was closed in March 2018.

And to increase its production capacity, the arms manufacturer is negotiating a stake in a company in France.

The announcement that the stock appreciates since the stock is almost the lowest (47 cents) is expected to gain almost 50%.

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