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François Bayrou is a proponent of proportional representation, but not just one

President MoDem welcomed on Sunday that Emmanuel Macron proposes to allocate 20% of Members' seats to proportional. However, it is demanding on the contours of this reform.

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A long-standing advocate of proportional representation, Francois Bayrou, welcomed Emmanuel Macron's announcement on Sunday, which he wanted to partially introduce in the election on Thursday 25 April. However, President MoDem has also opened a somewhat technical debate on how to implement measures that he believes are essential.

On Thursday, during a press conference, the head of state was favorable to the introduction of a 20% dose proportionate to the assembly. Specifically, this would mean that every fifth Member would be elected under this system in the future, almost like François Bayrou (at least 25%).

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"Two ways" allocation of seats

We will see what the conditions of the new voting system will be, explained the former minister on BFMTV on Sunday, April 28th. "20% of places, depending on how you attribute them, and there are two ways to attribute them"said the MoDem president.

The first, according to him, is to put these 20% of the seats into a "A common bank in which everyone draws: winners, most as a minority, in which case they can represent, but do not change", he first exhibited, showing himself unfavorable to such a system states "Ingredient"With such a formula, minority parties can only hope to seize several MPs, which is important but only marginally changing the balance of the assembly.

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At the same time, François Bayrou's second option is more complex and radical: it consists of a system "German"where "20% of the seats are supposed to repair the defects of the majority and at this point, with 20% of the seats, you will reach an almost ideal relative […] The whole part of the discussion that will now be open is therefore 20%.closes the former presidential candidate.

The German electoral system, where it is called a proportional share "Leveling", unlike systems "Ingredients"gives each voter two votes: one directly elects a candidate in his constituency and the other for the party. Places allocated to proportional representation are then given priority to political parties to the detriment of the system of the first past. This complex system regularly leads to the formation of a coalition between the different parties, before obtaining an absolute majority.

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