Fred, Batshuayi, Bakayoko, Zaza …: Flop of 10 European recruits – foot

Belgian Michy Batshuayi (Thursday against Iceland) and Chile and Arturo Vidal and Nicolas Castillo (who will be on Friday against Costa Ricans) are part of the selection of players who changed clubs this summer and are going through a very difficult time. difficult.

Fred (BRE / Manchester United)

Pep Guardiola longed Chimene's eyes before Fred. Donetsk (25) was also close to Manchester City but finally ended up … with his neighbor United because he wanted to play Jose Mourinho. He bought nearly 55 million euros, only two of his last eight matches and lost his position in Seleçao. " He has not yet made an acceptable match "He pressed Manchester Evening News after Bournemouth, which gave him a score of 1/10. During this meeting, he was the author of a grotesque simulation, something that scares fans of English football and influential consultants. " It's a symbol of bad investment for Mourinho For telegraph who reminds him that he is the 5th most expensive player in the history of the club. He allegedly told his compatriots Fernandinho (City) that they already think they left. It has to be said that he has very little integration, does not speak English and confines himself to trading in Portuguese with Lukaku and Andreas Pereiro.

Michy Batshuayi (BEL / Valencia)

After losing two catastrophic matches against Bilbao and Ebro, Micha Batshuayi did not play a minute at the last two Valencia meetings (Bern, Getafe). Worse still, his substitute Santi Mina won a pair in C1 against young boys from Bern and his coach Marcelino took the opportunity to try: " Santi plays for the team and not for his apple. If he plays, it's better. There is no specific status in this team […] Michy must do better. "Chelsea borrowed for 3 million euros, a 25-year-old Belgian striker picked up a Spanish club, while he did a lot of teams after the excellent loan from Dortmund." Suddenly we have the impression that he expects Valencia to thank himDomingo Ortiz is upset at RadioEsport Valencia. He is in Batshuayiland, with his SpongeBob, Dragon Ball Z. It's a baby! His state of mind is not good, he plays on his mouth, and especially he comes to the club with only eight pounds. In this way, his preparation was closed. I will not be surprised

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