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FreeStyle, the most widely used application of patients, structured

Many diabetics have had misfortune to discover this weekend that their blood glucose application no longer works. Weekend maintenance that went wrong threatened them. The laboratory concerned has not yet provided any official communication on the subject.

diabeticsand more specifically those who are under treatment insulinmust check their speed sugar several times a day tests, Abbott Lab produces and sensor from glucose called free FreeStyle that joins the arm, and avoids having to prick the finger to get a drop blood.

Excerpt from blood glucose is done through a dedicated device that connects to the sensors via a chip NFCThis system is extended in France thanks to social security support. The lab has also createdapplication LibreLink pro smartphones (robot and iOS), which allows the blood glucose level to increase when passing through the device. This system is very suitable for anyone who never leaves his mobile phone; moreover, it allows you to share data with your family or doctor.

Maintenance that would go wrong

Abbott was planning maintenance from servers April 26 and 27, and warned its users that via tweet in English. According to them, servers would not be available at this time, but reading blood glucose would not be affected. Unfortunately, very early in the weekend, patients diabetics FreeStyle Libre sensors complained social networks no longer able to control blood glucose, instead get an error message. It is impossible for many to return to a FreeStyle device that does not work if the sensors have been activated by a smartphone.

The only communication from the lab was the series tweety in response to users who start Sunday night, suggesting that they have worked to solve the problem. Eventually, the blackout was resolved on Tuesday morning. It took almost three long days, eternity for patients was cut off from this important application.

Simple disintegration that affects patient health

This breakdown applies light problem associated with connected objects inuniverse medical. Despite strict controls on equipment before it is placed on the market, it is easy to use smartphone enough to block this medical device. How to justify that the system can break down after maintenance, a priori routine, a connected service? What is the responsibility of the laboratory when a simple loss of connection can affect vital functions?

The lab remains quiet and even the lab French Federation of Diabetes no information. We do not dare to imagine the consequences if the failure is associated with even more important equipment such as pacemaker,

What to remember

  • The glycemic enhancement application in diabetics remained ineffective for three days.
  • Patients could not raise blood sugar levels, which can lead to very serious complications that can go as far as coma.
  • This failure challenges the reliability of the attached accessories used in the medical community.

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