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French actress Anemone is dead

A popular actress, Anne Bourguignon, was especially unforgettable while playing Therese in the movie "Santa Claus's Junk."

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Anemone, April 18, 2011, in the game
Anemone, April 18, 2011, in the play "Nervous Pregnancies" by Jean-Yves Rogale, directed by Philippe Hersen. PIERRE VERDY / AFP

Anne Bourguignon, known as Anemone, died on Tuesday, April 30, at the age of 68 "Long illness", said Agent Elisabeth Tanner.

The favorite actress who debuted at the café-théâtre was especially unforgettable by playing Thérès, a volunteer for the SOS Détresse amitié film in the film Santa is waste, directed by Jean-Marie Poiré in 1982, with Splendid. "It's okay, very thin, it's eating without hunger", "Oh! Mop, it's great, Therese, I'm glad … No, Pierre, it's a vest» These replicas have become cultic.

Many comedies on display Come home, I live with my girlfriend (1982), Patrice Leconte, she also embodies a more sensitive role as the character of Marcelle in Great way (1987), Jean-Loup Hubert, who earned him César for Best Actress the following year.

"I keep the memory of a great actress with whom we shared great moments of games and amazing laughter", responded by Christian Clavier to AFP, who says his "Great Sorrow", "I didn't know she was sick, but Anemone wasn't someone who was spreading about her private life.", said Josiane Balasko, who evokes "Eccentric Cinema", "A great actress who basically didn't do much",

Ecologist from the first lesson

She has been in recent years Jacky in the girl kingdom (2014), by Riad Sattouf, Rosalie Blum (2016), by Julien Rappeneau, a Coins of their coins (2018), his latest film Anne Le Ny. For a few years, the patient reported her retirement at the end of 2017 after playing in her last room, Handkerchief nodes, written by Denis Cherrer, where she was a lady with Alzheimer's disease.

"After that, I'll stop." I'm sick of it, I want to be forgotten »she swore world in December 2017. Anemone then aspired to one thing: "Do nothing, re-join the life of the vegetables I love." Bull on the couch in the countryside. The city stinks, makes a noise. "

Read also our meeting with Anemone in December 2017

Ecologist From the Beginning – In 1974 René Dumont – Attac's support since its inception, actress was very soon sensitized to environmental disorders through her readingQuiet spring by Rachel Carson, Plon, 1963), and his brother, agronomist Claude Bourguignon. A woman who confessed to having two children, a son and a daughter, was very pessimistic about the future of the planet: "It's late. "

Anemone in several terms

9.8.1950 Anne Bourguignon was born in Paris

1966 anemones Philippe Garrel, his first film

1979 The first game representation Santa's waste in Splendid, Paris

1987 The Great Way, Jean-Loup Hubert (Best Actress Caesar)

1992 The Little Prince said: by Christine Pascal

2017 Handkerchief Knot Denis Cherer, in the Palais des Glaces, in Paris

April 30, 2019 He died at the age of 68

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