Halle Berry in ultrasexy fission in the face of restless Keanu Reeves

For the third time, Keanu Reeves renames John Wick to a subtitle episode ParabellumIn this opus, the hero violated the basic rule: he killed within the sameHotel ContinentalNow that he isexcommunicate", all related services continental they are closed to him and his head is given for price. John finds himself unsupported, hunted by all the world's most dangerous killers. On its side stands the statue of Halle Berry. Two actors co-produced the film premiere in New York on May 9, 2019.

For red carpet John Wick 3 in New York, Halle Berry chose a particularly sexy outfit: a neckline of transparency, emphasizing his very low neckline hot. The 52-year-old actress is once again feeling the side of the hero embodied by the irreversible Keanu Reeves (54). Once a day Hollywood offers a movie pair to viewers that is not yet thirty, a habit that is still widespread in the cinema – it's not Tom Cruise (forgetting) or Johnny Depp (Rum Express)?

The beautiful 50-year-old mother, Nahla's 11-year-old mother, and Maceo, 5, is not only one of her generation's most seductive actresses, she is also a leader in the confrontational scenes. for John Wick 3she shared excerpts from her tutorial on her Instagram account. And the least we can say is that if it is perfect on needle heels Red carpetShe gives her person a sports outfit for a fighting scene. In fact, she was seriously injured on the scene.

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