his new incentive against the government is worth a detour!

On the eve of his retirement, Jean-Pierre Pernaut directly intensifies attacks on the government! This Tuesday, December 1, the indestructible moderator of TF1 JT criticized health measures in winter sports centers.

Live in his newspaper, Jean-Pierre Pernaut ridiculed government measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Jean-Pierre Pernaut loves the regions of France. There is no disappointment that only professional skiers will be able to enjoy the slopes.

Nathalie Marquay’s husband has his tongue out! Knowing that he will no longer be on the air next year, he calms down and dares to take biting comments. In fact, for several weeks now, he has made his audience understand that he does not agree with the government at all.

“Surprisingly, we can’t ski”

This Tuesday, December 1, at 13:00 News Jean-Pierre Pernaut offered a report on the first snows in France. He opened the subject in a cheerful voice. “It started to snow like here, look, in the Val d’Isère in Savoie. We were starting to despair. Finally a little white in the landscape, as in the Pyrenees elsewhere. It also starts in Auvergne“.

But very quickly things got out of hand. “Surprisingly, we are not allowed to ski in Val d’Isère. However, the Ski World Cup will take place on 12 and 13 December“. Jean-Pierre Pernaut is not used to this absurdity. Then he thought about the impression of winter sports professionals. In the LDpeople editorial office, we also think of all those who suffer from this economic situation.

For Jean-Pierre Pernaut, “snow then has a” bitter taste “

Husband Nathalie Marquay continues: “The snow then has a ‘bitter taste’ at stations where the government still forbids the opening of ski lifts.” We keep our fingers crossed that the situation in January 2021 will improve!

“President Pernaut!”

In any case, stainless steel Jean-Pierre Pernaut will leave his seat on January 9. And the sparkling Marie-Sophie Lacarrau will take over. JPP thus breaks all records! « With Yves Monrousi, we present a total of almost fifty years of 13:00 ! It’s a world record! Even Dan Rather lasted only 24 years in the United States. “, he explained Our time. And to be clear, Patrick Poivre-d’Arvor lasted only 21 years at 20:00, Claire Chazal on weekends for 24 years! When writing People, we were stuck! Jean-Pierre Pernaut has been on TF1 news since 1988!

And when journalists from Our time he wanted to know if he valued the desire to be in politics, his answer was categorical. « Never ! Sometimes he may welcome me in the provinces “President of Pernaut! ” Or I see me handing the children in the crowd to bless them, keeping my head on my shoulders. And I take these outbursts of sympathy for what they are, a statement of friendship. Secondly, I’m too old to be in politics. AND I talk too much about remote monitoring of politicians… » That should be clear!

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