LREM warns MP Agnèse Thilla

EP LREM Agnès Thill. – Witt / Sipa / SIPA

The Republic on the march put the "last" time on Thursday to defend Agnes Thill's "against the excesses" of his "public statements" after commenting on the supposed "lobby"
LGBT in the National Assembly ".

In this letter received by AFP, Managing Director Philippe Grangeon and Group Deputies Gilles Le Gendre condemn "the strongest" tweet of Oise's deputy because it deletes.

These words "violate the values" of the Republic in motion

In this report on hereditary reproduction, Agnès Thill condemned the "powerful LGBT lobby in the National Assembly," while arguing that "the National Assembly is not France".

Screenshot from tweet sent by MP Agnes Thill on her bill, November 8, 2018.
Screenshot from tweet sent by MP Agnes Thill on her bill, November 8, 2018. – Twitter

These notes "contradict the values ​​of" the Republic in Motion, "Philippe Grangeon and Gilles Le Gendre said, adding that" the term "LGBT lobby" is a homophobic semantics. "Your words do not express conviction. They pose a jealous challenge to some of our colleagues, "two party cadres continue.

"Unacceptable" beeps

Agnes Thill later stated: "Regret (s), notes that could hurt some of my colleagues and others." "I do not think of any personal life, let's go back downstairs, and everyone can say, I confess," she added. "We have taken note of the" regrets "you later expressed, and the justification in the proper form would be more appropriate," said Philippe Grangeon and Gilles Le Gendre.
Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux described Agnes Thill as "totally unacceptable".

Agnès Thill has repeatedly criticized the PMA extension for all women, a measure supported by Emmanuel Macron during the campaign. Also, in July, she had a Twitter chat when she responded to the user in favor of euthanasia: "Suicide is not forbidden in France."

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