Thursday , June 27 2019
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Meghan Markle: Why does he have to stop closing his door …

According to the information published sunOn January 26, 2019, security officers asked Prince Harry's wife to close the door after he had left the car and to avoid terrorist attacks. According to the boulevard, the vehicles used by the royal family are equipped with an automatic locking system and, in the event of an attack, the Duchess could not enter her car quickly enough to be able to recover.

"Meghan and Harry are pleased to meet the public as much as possible and get in touch with the crowd who visits them, the source said. And although the car door closure looks like a trivial thing, it may be the difference (…). Safety must be able to get them back into the car when needed. If the door is closed and locked, it is impossible. "

If many of the royal family's followers welcomed the Duchess gestures, they considered it modern and descended, it seemed that these security measures had taken into account during recent trips to the National Theater on Wednesday or even January 31 at the University of London.

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