Neymar will receive a monthly bonus of € 375,000, especially to greet the public

According to the "Special Envoy", the PSG's ethical bonus to its players ranges from 33,000 to 375,000 net worth per month.

30 million per annum after Neymar's income tax, 1.4 million euros per month without a bonus for Kylian Mbappé, 1.1 million euros a month for Cavani … PSG's salaries, as revealed by Soccer Leaks, are insignificant. You must add more bonuses and funds to these amounts. One of the "ethics" concerns all players. But not everyone can claim the same amount. It ranges from 33,000 euros net to … 375,000 euros net per month Neymar, revealed on Thursday evening Special envoy,

Greet the fans before and after the gameThis ethical bonus is subject to one of the following obligations: to thank and greet the public before and after each match. As the newspaper recalls World, these ethical bonuses were defined by the club of the capital in 2011, when the owners of Qatar came. This practice has grown ever since, even in Ligue 2 clubs such as Clermont Foot. These bonuses, which allow players to control money, also reward players who do not worsen the club's image. Thus, Serge Aurier, who insulted his trainer in February 2016, was eliminated.

Sanctioned delays in training"Other gestures or attitudes of PSG professional footballers are also being paid out," he adds Special envoy, Neymar has to "respond to all requests for interviews, particularly in favor of Al-Jazeera (Qatar ownership)." To get more, Cavani may not be late "from more than 15 minutes to more than 5% of the training". Mbappé finally has a kitten of 30,000 euros, "can use", as he thinks fit (housing, driver, etc.), Mediapart said.

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