OrelSan plays extensions with amazing tuning of the "epilogue"

I never said "I said everything"

Since its release in October 2017 Party is over, the state of OrelSan has consolidated and now knows the sky. This album ran like hotcakes (diamond disc from June 2018 with 500,000 copies sold) and allowed him to shout three Victoires de la Musique. Still, the hot-sweet melancholy of the 36-year-old rapper continuesepilogue", the climate is introspective as the album it finishes.

OrelSan tells his unbelievable year: "I spent 2018 on the hover, I'm the loser who will win you" (on discipline). And he enjoyed his new state: "It took me ten years before I woke up (…) Sometimes I wondered if I said it all / But I never said" I said it all ", the party never ended / I enjoy ten years, put the candles on the cache " All I know).

The Norman rapper, however, remains staggeringly obvious – "I know we're losing by winning." And manage some bills in the pass: "Despite the beautiful clothes, the jackets are reversible / we stay fake friends, you can look for other goals" (on ghosts).

Envelope of the Orelsan epilogue.

Envelope of the Orelsan epilogue.

"Family, family" in a bowl of resistance

Family, family and My grandparents, two strong titles, recall the duty. The first is a clear back Family defeats, one of the peaks Party is over in which he destroyed one by one each member of his family with a cowardly humor. This time, Aurélien Cotentin sometimes says with acid the good times he spent in childhood because "it is when we risk losing things that we understand their true value."

"One year after I confessed I came across family celebrations / I thought my family would lynch me
Half said she was laughing, the others behaved like I did nothing (…)
It's crazy as I relaxed that no one feels
If no one wants me to sing, I think I will do it myself. "

My grandparents, on a beautiful sample of Colette Magny, continues with this me-culp that justifies its ancestors, whose "hard drive starts" and still smiles. "When my grandfather passed the license, red lights did not exist / A directional signals were his arms".

Fierce "Discipline"

Very funny and wild, "Discipline" is another centerpiece of this addition from 11 titles. Orelsan is lost to temptation and on the other hand to success by condemning both opportunistic sycophants and unfaithful fans.

"A former fan told me," You're too commercial "
I told him: "I do not know what it means," too commercial "
He said, "If everyone likes it, it's too commercial"
I said, "What are you doing in your life?" He said, "I am an advertisement" (ok) "

Fair Everything is good ("Little, the lady is on the floor because he cares about the ants / the needle next to her is a better source for them").

Farewell to the girl fans who have known his concerts for years are watching the merry Good muff in which he explains that now the case, he can not leave, even if it is not the desire that he misses. Conclusion: "Kiss yourself"!

A powerful "epilogue"

after Strange dreams, the only one and his clip released on Wednesday with the Belgian Damso pose (3 million views in 48 hours), this "po-party" closes on a strong epilogueOn this singing bass drum Orelsan runs for a while, gives tribute to his friends and partners Ablay and Skread, confirms his love for his companion and talks about the wedding and the child that comes.

"Life is at first glance (…) I'm tired of singing depression (…) I mourned the era," he says, ending at these words "The target line is often the starting line". We could not dream of a better endpoint, in the form of an opening to continue: We feel that OrelSan is now well on his way to aging with his fans and vice versa.

The new edition of "La Fête est finie" and 11 bonus tracks "Epilogue" (Wagram Music) was released on Friday 16 November in digital format and will be published in the Physical Version of November 23

OrelSan continues touring: November 17 in Lyon, 20 in Lillen 22 in Caen, 23 in Le Mans, 28 in Limoges, 29 in Pau, 30 November in Bordeaux (Floirac) and two dates at Bercy AccorHotel Arena 5 and 6 December.

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