Orelsan released 11 unreleased songs this week!

Published November 12, 2018 at 11:46, Guizz

Orelsan proposes epilogue for its latest project with less than eleven unpublished …

Orelsan released 11 unreleased songs this week!

While he re-released Party is over was mentioned in the interview a few days ago, today Orelsan confirms the news. Thursday 15 November at midnight, rapper Caen will release 11 unreleased songs as an epilogue on his latest album,

Epilogue for "Party is Over"

Artist reduces more and more time. You're leaving Party is over in October 2017, Orelsan ended six years of silence. Announced the publication date of the project a month before, every day, with a clip basic, Courageous, how can some artists allow it. This time without being too concerned about the promotion, rapper cracked Instagram's post and explained that he plans to add an epilogue to his third album. Reissue, which will include 11 unreleased songs released Thursday at midnight, The video shows us the Orelsan smartphone screen with the following notes: " Thursday at midnight / I leave 11 unreleased songs / add an epilogue to the holiday ". Simple teasing, which continues with the cover that represents the rapper through his personal photo gallery.


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Last album upstairs

It is difficult to dethrone Orelsan. The man set up real recordings with the release of his third solo album He lost in advance and Siren song. Certified three times with platinum two months after her release, Party is over recorded record sales for the rapper, which took over six years to return solo. Orelsan also returned to the scene, offers several Bercy, always complete, as well as a number of festivals this summer and shows a millimeter. By removing some of the strong extracts from his project, Caennais continued in his project: Paradis Family defeats or rain, the artist relied on strong concepts. With another 11 songs, no need to say, Orelsan will remain in the field for a very long time.

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