Salary and Expense Accounts of FO Managers

Appearances are linked around FO. After the scandal last month, the new documents revealed by Le Parisien should stir up. Former Secretary General Force Ouvrière, Jean-Claude Mailly, reportedly received a gross salary of € 100,334 a year or gross € 8,316 a month, the daily reports.

The reward of the leader from 2004 to April 2018 will be distributed as follows: annual gross salary of € 62,816, plus bonus bonuses, holiday bonuses, cultural and sport bonuses, last year bonuses, and bonus on severity.

And comfortable banknotes. In 2017, Thirteen leaders, led by Jean-Claude Mailly, left the total shale – paid by the department – € 388,683, says Le Parisien. An average of 29 898 euros per person over one year. Especially for housing: Eight of those who do not live in Paris have received rent up to 1,800 euros per month.

Departure in tense climate

According to French Paris, Jean-Claude Mailly at the age of 65 also received a retirement bonus of € 22,792. After four dates headed by FO, the man with thin glasses made his way in the spring Pascal Pavageau.

This departure was carried out in a tight climate. Some FO members have in fact strongly blamed their reform line during the negotiations on reforming the Labor Code. Jean-Claude Mailly condemned the "hypocrisy" and "duplicity" of his successor, who in October resigned after the scandals of a statement that revealed the "Chained Duck".

Generous salaries for executives

In addition to statements of expenditure, another five members of the Authority or organization should receive a salary, with the exception of premiums of EUR 62 816 in 2017. Three of them received EUR 81 000 per year, compared to EUR 76 955 and EUR 83 881. EUR for the other two. Another employee of the department would even have reached EUR 86,368 with premiums.

After forced resignation by Pascal Pavageau, Force Ouvrière must continue to elect his new Secretary-General on 21 and 22 November. Three candidates are running: Patrice Clos, Christian Grolier and Yves Veyrier. The vote was one round, the future Secretary-General of the Union could be elected without gaining the majority.


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