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When selling the Hospices de Beaune on Sunday, November 18, the most popular in the world, star guests, comedians Nathalie Baye, Pascal Elbe, Emmanuelle Béart, Alice Taglioni, and writer Erik Orsenna will only be influenced by the courses. for a single room (228 liters) called "presidents" in favor of the association. The fruit of the auction 827 more, the absolute record after the harvest in 2018 more than generous, going to the Beaune hospital and maintenance of the magnificent hotel Dieu.

Buyers, 65% local, will observe price developments in a more favorable context for this market.E edition. After years of shortages associated with climatology, Burgundy wine has rebuilt its reserves: 1.5 million hectoliters in 2017 and nearly 1.8 million this year.

Great wines

But nothing is easy. The Auctions of the Hospices de Beaune, run by Christie's accelerator, are almost everything about the first and second growth that are more than sought. 33 grands crus, which weighs 1.5% of the total production of Burgundy but which represent an impressive locomotive. "Due to the rise in Hospice prices in recent years we no longer buy for our wholesalers or distributors, but at the request of very wealthy amateurs and collectors"Albéric Bichot explains.

Hospices de Beaune: towards lower prices?

The man is the biggest bidder for this sale for twenty years. The Beaune department store, which bears its name, should reach 60 million euros this year. "If I have orders for some of the prestigious wines belonging to the Hospice, there will be no limitations, and there the term for the highest offer makes sense"he adds. The other understood the prominent effect of Hospice sales. It allows individuals access to these wines with the purchase of primar from the bottle only between the selection of five wines between 40 and 150 euros. With the added bonus, the option to mark the buyer's name on the bottles.

Law of supply and demand

Logically, however, the law on supply and demand should remain this year. " Our homes consistently explain the gradual increase in wine shortages, while buyers now know in real time that we have a lot to sell. ", adds Pierre Gernelle, Director of the Union of Burgundy Wine Houses.

"It should be a mark on the market, but it should not be too much bankruptcy because we bought a pretty vintage from 2017 and soon put it up for sale because I knew I had a reason behind the uncertainties associated with Brexit and the American customs policy " Hammer on his side Frederic Drouhin, President of the Union Burgundy Wine Home and Beaune House Leader.

On the actual market of burgundy wines (50% of production) are bearish characters, with the first transactions between professionals – 8% for men, – 10% for red burgundy and – 25% for windthrow. "
I also hope that the decline of the village's name (30% of production), because our customers have a certain sensitivity to a devastating price that might favor other vineyards.
" says Manoël Bouchet, associate director of Roche de Bellene, a small department store that runs 9 million euros.

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