Tron case: the prosecution appeals to the liberation of the former secretary of state

Georges Tronu's legal difficulties do not end. The Prosecutor General announced on Tuesday 20 November that he had appealed to the former state secretary and his former deputy mayor Draveil (Essonne) Brigitte Gruel. Former staffers in Draveil, Virginia Ettel and Eva Loubrie, 41 and 44, accused of digital penetration between 2007 and 2010.

During his trial, which ended on Thursday 15 November before Seine-Saint-Denis, the Advocate General demanded six and four years in prison against both accused, five years of imprisonment and enrollment in sex offenders, the Prosecutor General stated in his statement . This call opens the way to the second attempt.

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The accused declares innocence

The work of the elected official who "abused his power" to "vampire the victims", supported by the Advocate General, did not convince the Assize Court. Two defendants have been guilty of innocence since the beginning of the case in May 2011, which has forced Fillon to resign as State Secretary for Public Service.

In his statement, President Philippe Coirre, the court found that the court had found that Georges Tron and Brigitte Gruel "participated in sex in the presence of third parties" in a "hypersexualized general context." And if the "scenes of a sexual nature to the complainant" were "proven", you were not in a "limited situation". Both sexagents have always invaded the existence of such scenes. At the time of his trial, Georges Tron had just admitted to being a "proselyte" plant reflexology, a practice described by women's witnesses as a "way of operation" approaching them. However, the court also considered that the complainants were after "release for Eva Loubrieau and change of Virginia Ettel's position in" revenge logic. "Georges Tron and Brigitte Gruel argued that the" dislike "of these former employees was being used by their far-right local opponents.

"Calling vanity"?

Éric Dupond-Moretti, attorney Georges Tron, who did not answer Tuesday at the request of Agence France-Presse (AFP), estimated after announcing the release of his client that "the call was possible," but "that would be a call of vanity and pride." " My client feels the challenge (…) as a real endurance in this case, "said for his part, AFP Brigitte Gruel told lawyer Frank Natali. Eva Loubrieu, who raised a "big disappointment" on Thursday, was relieved that the prosecutor had made that decision and remained committed to justice to recognize his victim status, "said his lawyer Tuesday, Loïc Guérin." Satisfied, "Virginie Ettel hopes that" will better ask for the central question of pressure by Mr Tron, "according to his lawyer, Vincent Ollivier." The record, as presented at the hearing, sufficiently confirms the existence of the sexual violence committed by Mr Tron and Mrs. Gruel as well as lies of that kind, "said Mr Ollivier .

The judgment handed over to Bobigny provoked the "wrath" and "disgust" of Raphaëlle Rémy-Leleu, a spokesman for Dare feminism. The liberation of Georges Tron came a year after Harvey Weinstein's explosion, triggering a global wave of women's freedom from rape, assault, and sexual harassment. Dozens of people were heard after four weeks of hearing – an exceptionally long time when cases of rape were usually investigated for three days. The process was moved outside the department of Essonne, where one of the barons, Georges Tron. The trial was finally decided in 2014 by the Court of Appeal in Paris against the current release a year ago by investigating judges.

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