Undesirable effects of sleeping tablets show "60 million consumers"

"60 million consumers" warns against the risk of sleeping tablets. – Gile / SIPA

Sleeping pills containing benzodiazepines may be accompanied by several types of disturbing side effects, according to a survey released this Thursday in a special edition, "Good Sleep, How To Use" 60 million consumersThese prescription drugs, especially those marketed under the brand name Zolpidem, Stilnox or Imovane, were used by one of the eight French people during the year.

The authors of this article claim that it takes only a month to become addicted to this substance, with shutdowns that may take up to a year. During this time, patients may have trouble sleeping but may also have headaches or anxiety. As for users who increase the dose after adjusting the body to treatment, they may increase the severity of the side effects cited by the authors of the survey: "drowsiness, difficulty of attention or memory, state of confusion, falls …".

Many microfibers

The magazine also highlights the poor quality of the sleep of benzodiazepine followers who think she is asleep while she really knows a lot of microrelife. Different studies have shown that they have the potential consequences of increasing the risk of cancer, but also aggression towards others or themselves. A link to the development of Alzheimer's disease has also been mentioned. Everything for action that some scientists do not hesitate to question.

Company opinion 60 million consumers on other types of sleeping pills is no more calming.
Antihistamines for several days may cause dizziness and cognitive impairment due to prolonged sedative effects. Melatonin would only have a positive effect on subjects aged 55 and over. In April of this year, the health authorities also
is not recommended for some populations.

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