Vanessa Paradis: His rant when we talk to him about his love affair with Samuel Benchetrit

Vanessa Paradis is a talented artist. And if his relationship with Samuel Benchett is known to all, be careful not to exceed the limits: the singer shows his teeth!

They said yes,June 30, 2018, Vanessa Paradis and Samuel Benchetrit are in a small cloud from (and before) these intimate weddings held in the village of Saint-Siméon in Seine-et-Marne. And if their happiness is flamboyant – and they have never covered their relationship in the eyes of the world – nesting birds cultivate secrets, and above all: do it on the honorable point that nothing is wrong with their modesty a small bubble of love. As for those who risk it, Vanessa Paradis do not go through four ways! He asked about his relationship with Samuel Benchetrit in an interview with Paris, Friday, November 16, that the actress and singer gave the answer … in cash.

Vanessa Paradis is angry

Interview granted in Paris on the occasion of the release of his album he baptized Resources, For this new album, Vanessa Paradis collaborated Samuel Benchetrit, especially the title Simple wordsAnd when she asks if this album is "a woman in love," Vanessa Paradis poisoned in the columns of Paris: "Because our story is public and he (Samuel Benchetrit, ed) is a public person, everyone wants to see it in my texts, but I do not want to conceal my love or share it with everyone, while Vanessa Paradis has always cultivated the secrets surrounding her private life, she has also slowly formalized her relationship with Samuel Benchetrit. in 2016, when the turtles formalized their love story. Constant discretion, Is it a magic potion for a happy life for two? Vanessa Paradis does not say the opposite!

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