Wall Street, between Apple and oil, ends sharply

New York – Wall Street fell on Tuesday at the end, destabilized by the excitement surrounding Apple's giant Apple and the drop in oil companies after a drop of more than 6% in oil prices.

According to the final closing results, the Wall Street Flag dropped the Dow Jones Industrial Average by 2.21% to 24 465.64 points.

The Nasdaq, with strong technological coloration, reached 1.70% and reached 6,908.82 points.

The broad index of the S & P 500 declined by 1.82% to 2 641 89 points.

The Dow Jones and the S & P 500 finished below their initial level, as the Nasdaq managed to keep tight.

They have lost the fear of excessive oil, oil prices have fallen by more than 6%, and the companies associated with this sector have been dragging their feet.

Dow Jones, the major companies ExxonMobil and Chevron, lost 2.84% and 2.78%. Oil companies Schlumberger and Halliburton oil service group declined by 2.92%, respectively. O 4.70%.

"The speed and size of the fall surprised investors and left no chance for companies in the sector"commented JJ Kinahan, TD Ameritrade.

Three major Wall Street indices were also weakened by the continued fall of one of their major members, Apple, which lost 4.78% on Tuesday and 23.7% of its recordings at the beginning of October.

Since the release of quarterly results at the beginning of November with forecasts that are considered unsatisfactory, the iPhone maker is ranked by a number of rating analysts who have reduced their predictions of selling the flagship brand or its course in the coming weeks or months.

Goldman Sachs' latest award on Tuesday reduced its stock price view.

While they also dropped early in the session, the other technology stars "FAANG"reduced their decline: Amazon only lost 1.11% and Netflix 1.34%." Facebook even gained 0.67% and Alphabet (parent company Google) 0.29%.

However, their decline is difficult from their latest values: Netflix declined by 26%, Alphabet 20%, Amazon 27% and Facebook 39%.

"In an uncertain environment, investors are re-evaluating the share price, but we can not say that they do so in general panicsaid Kinahan.

Equity markets also suffered from a sharp rise in the dollar that the investor considered to be safer in an environment of rising volatility.

Dollar growth increases the price of US goods sold abroad and weighs on company accounts.

Signaling a slightly greater investor sentiment on assets considered safe, the 10-year debt rate dropped to 3.057% at 21H15 GMT, compared with 3.063% at the end of the month and 30 years at 3.311%, versus 3.321% on the previous day.

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