When the cancer league asks the children for their opinion on prevention

More than 3,000 students aged 9 to 14 participate in the first general states of cancer prevention.

For 12 years Typhaine has a strong idea: "Cancer is a violent disease and I do not like cancer! My dog ​​and my rabbit are dead." With her classmates André-Auchant, Chateau-Renault (Indre-et-Loire) , College "Liga Against Cancer.

Thanks to her department, the League has earned 143 courses at the Gourdeliane College in Baie-Mahault (Guadeloupe) or at the multilevel class at the Sainte-Marie College Seminary in Fort-de-France (Martinique). Altogether, more than 3,000 children and adolescents contributed to the first state of cancer prevention. This unprecedented consultation, which took place between 500 health professionals and thousands of citizens, was conducted with the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC).

Speaking at the CM2 School in Côtes-d'Armor, Alpaïde, for 10 years, he is not impressed by the idea of ​​speaking this Wednesday before the Children's Parliament, the EESC, "I'm going to introduce important measures such as organic food, chemicals, in schools, a reduction in sunscreen prices, "explains Alpaïde.

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"You have to play sports and do not smoke," says Kelyan (13) and Robin (12). "I'm walking, I do not play sports, but I go and it's like sports, so I do not have cancer."

"You can drink alcohol, consider Alexis (10 years), but only once or twice a week." The cigarette is less flowing: "We have to close the whole tobacco," explains Zelia (at the age of 10) proposing "to raise the price of alcohol and tobacco to prevent people from taking too much." Health Minister Agnès Buzyn is halfway. "You have to educate the youngest people about tobacco, the toxic gases come from cigarettes," says Kylian, 12, who studied cigarette production in the classroom. "It's ugly to see what can happen from our mouths!", Adds Noam (12 years). "Also smoky lungs," says Kylian.

Realistic, children will notice that ending is not really easy. "For some it's like a drug," says Noam. "My parents smoke and want to stop but they can not," says Deborah (10). "My grandmother is trying to stop," says Lola (9). When we are there, it does not smoke, and when we're not here, it's trying to cut it down. "" My dad tries to stop with sweets, "says Robin (12), Vanelle (13) does not smoke, except for" electronic cigarettes. "

"I knew it was a disease but I was not interested in it. Now I'm more interested in it»

Kahina (10 years)

"It's not because we do not smoke that we can not get cancer," says Vianney (12), "may come from a variety of things, and poor eating can also cause cancer." Maria (10 years) thinks "we should have organic products in all the dining rooms in France." This is already the case for Inaïa (10 years) at the Jean-Zay School in Bougenais (Loire-Atlantique), "and that's fine."

"I knew the name before cancer and also that it could kill," says Inaïa. Even the awareness of Kahin (10 years): "I knew about this disease, but I did not care about it at all. I'm more interested now, we need to help those who have this disease." Solidarity remains clear. "We have to give the poor drugs they need," says Milo (9) and Charlotte (10). "We have to collect donations for cystic fibrosis," says Marie. Hope is also in search. Jade (10) presents "drugs that immediately stop cancer". "Finding a solution requires a lot of work," says Noam (12).

Often full accuracy, sometimes much more resolute than current research knowledge, children's opinions in any case show that the young generation is reluctant to compromise when it comes to cancer prevention.

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