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A drama about Kingsley Coman against Nuremberg

Kingsley Coman collapsed. He was stunned on Max Morlock Stadium's lawn, his head buried under his arms.

The Frenchman has just given a great chance to win Nürnberg in the 1st FC. In front of the goalkeeper Christian Matheni himself, his nerves fell. If this shot meant mastery in case of success?

Coman himself was a broken heart. Right after the last whistle, he left the stadium toward the catacombs. Javi Martinez and Renato Sanches rushed after him and embraced him. You shouldn't have been the last night.

Hummels: Coman "was very sad"

"He was very sad, everyone said it was all right, everyone was comforting him, saying," You do so much for us to give us everything that is happening, something like that can happen, "Mats Hummels said. to play Sport1inquiry:

"No one is a little angry with him, he has thousands of support from everyone in the team and has an incredible burden during the season."

Before the start of the second half, Kovac chose 22 years to become one of his key players. "I can't prove it, but if he stays fit, we would be less or even at the beginning of Dortmund," the coach said at that time.

Coman can make a difference

The Coman value for the team is not necessarily read. His five goals and three assists in 18 Bundesliga shows are a higher average. But not anymore.

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With his speed, however, he repeatedly tears gaps, usually employing two opponents, and this is why the often uninspired offensive game Munich is one of the few different players this season.

On Wednesday, he was the one who brought a controversial punishment in the eye-catching semi-finals of the DFB Cup against Werder Bremen, which Robert Lewandowski used to win.

Alaba strengthens Coman's back

"He was certainly not the happiest today, but the king (Nick Comana on team, d. Red.) is a very important player for us. He shows this week after week, "said colleague David Alaba logically.

He also played his part against Nuremberg. His cross made Serge Gnabry happy that he scored 1: 1.

The curtain, but above all, that sprint over with a view of Bavaria so bitter end.

Kovac: The Bundesliga is crazy

Instead of four possible counters, Munich is now only two points clear of Borussia Dortmund in the last three seasons of the game.

Paradoxically, but that's even greater than before the game, because on Saturday BVB had to swallow the bitter pill of defeat 2-4 in the derby against Schalke.

"The Bundesliga is just crazy, you can see it's the day of the match, which will probably be the same for the next three games," Kovac said. sky,

King Coman hopes his coach's psychic abilities will be limited.

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