BMW Z4 in the test: the third generation of the white blue roadster

First impression: With a retractable retractable roof, and the return of the Z4 textile roof looks straight ahead on the road. And the new, slightly sharp dimensions are not bad for him either.

The manufacturer says: For Jos van As, who drives the evolution of driving dynamics at BMW, the new Z4 is a car for beginner drivers. If Roadster's last generation was so well-coordinated and comfortable that it was used on a Sunday afternoon for coffee, you should now set the alarm clock and start early in the morning when the streets are empty. The new car's direction changes its position in a competitive environment. Instead of the Mercedes SLC or the Audi TT, the Z4 is more focused on the Porsche 718 Boxster.

We noticed that The new Z4 is a car that turns on immediately. You sit just above the ground and the cockpit looks close and leans to the driver. While in the previous model, one has involuntarily taken care of an irregular posture in the new vehicle almost automatically moves to the Hab-Eight position, grabs the steering wheel with both hands and looks at concentration.

Especially when you are sitting in the M40i that BMW managers want to clarify right from the start of the ride. After all, this top-of-the-line Z4 is the only one with a direct six-cylinder engine. It attracts 340 hp and even more with a torque of 500 Nm. Of course, you can soothe the bubble on Sunday afternoon on the boulevard – there is a "comfortable" position on the driving experience switches. The driver can also cross the motorway in "Sport" mode.



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The Z4 is passionately scratching the horns thanks to a new suspension with a wider track and a shorter rim, thanks to the smaller weight and the gearbox intelligently approaching the rear wheels. In this way, the limits of controlling physics can be boldly explored. The steering precisely controls the accelerator pedal. So the driver cuts across the street and approaches the target euphoria. It brings memories of when roadsteads were still radical cars and not – like Z4 at the end – a marketing-driven lifestyle of bluff, more suitable for walking than for speeding.

No difference to the predecessor, however, is felt on the roof – despite the other technology. Although it looks like a classic roadster hat due to a fabric cover, it quickly folds and needs much less space than a solid board, which is why the trunk now holds half the daily life of 281 liters. The new bonnet additionally contributes to the fact that Z4 was lighter than the new 50 pound format. In spite of the textile cover it inflates, does not bend and does not solve and protects as sound and wind as the solid roof – because it is a massive roof with a coat, so wide are the bows of the structure.

Look inside the BMW Z4 – with our 360-degree photos:

You must know that: The Z4, which has grown in length and width, is just in time for the start of a new opportunity next March – and of course not just the M40i, which costs 60,950 euros. The model line starts at 40,950 euros for the Z4 20i, which drives a 2.0-liter 197 hp engine. Meanwhile he rose from 48,950 euros from 30i, in which the same four-cylinder engine reaches 258 horsepower.

By the way, Z4 is not alone at the beginning. In order for Roadster to be economically viable in the market, BMW has only the Japanese Toyota brand on board. According to the technical specifications of Tokyo, a coupe was developed in Munich, which together with the Z4 car in Magne in Graz prepared a group and next year will become the successor of the Toyota Supra.

We will not forget: How different may be the ten seconds the roof needs to open or close. On the one hand it looks quite fast, especially compared to the previous model and its solid folding roof. But as the motorways attract more and more, the longer it takes ten seconds, but it must not exceed 50 km – because the automatic roof only works at lower speeds. Then every moment becomes torture – what did you get so early?

license plate

Manufacturer: BMW
Type: Z4 M40i
body: Roadster
engine: The six-cylinder line supercharged with a direct injection petrol engine
transmission: 8-speed automatic
previously: rear
displacement: 2998 ccm
performance: 340 hp (250 kW)
torque: 500 Nm
From 0 to 100: 4.6 s
Maximal speed.: 250 km / h
Consumption (ECE): 7.1 liters
WHAT2emission: 162 g / km
suitcase: 281 liters
weight: 1,610 kg
dimensions: 4324/1864/1304
price: 60,950 EUR

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