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Check out the hub for Apple HomeKit

One or two of you may already have a smart home system at home or just start building. You usually start with several à la Hue lamps or switchable sockets that can be controlled by Alexa, an assistant or just Siri Apple. Anyone who is familiar with HomeKit can hardly get past Eve Systems, which has been involved since the beginning of the system. He recently introduced the Power Strip, which can handle three devices and bring the power of Eve Energy.

Who is looking at the price will first fall off the chair, because with 95 € there is no cardboard handle and drawer rails that you get to an electric shop around the corner, usually an apple and an egg. However, if you look at the unit price for three Eve Energy, then you are at 150 EUR. Smart Home and especially HomeKit is not completely inexpensive because Xiaomi has nothing to offer in the Aqara range even in the socket area.

If you still decide to buy, you will get a really high-quality drawer in your hand that does not have much in common with 20 euro parts. The image is characterized by a high quality processed aluminum frame and high quality black plastic. A 190 cm cable doesn't seem to be schlabberig or even so that in two days the isolation will say goodbye or local rodents with long ears with their teeth can break something fast. It looks graceful, stable, and feels a little bad when you try to push a piece behind the wardrobe or even hide it. So it also does well on the table, it can also be mounted on the wall. Personally, I would like to have an equally elegant white version, which would not fit into the contemporary design language of Eva, who gradually packed all his aids into black and silver.

So much for the outside and what does it look like inside? There are three power sockets with an integrated power meter that can be switched manually or only with HomeKit. There is enough space to connect the power supply and still have plugs next to it. All cans are protected against overvoltage, overvoltage and power peaks up to 30,000 A, TÜV Rheinland is looking at it and issuing a certificate for them. You don't really need to know more at this time.

What will be next? Theoretically, you could use the Energy Strip from now on like any other power strip, but it's also a HomeKit on board. So in the regular game: Apple Home App open, set up a new device, scan the code at the bottom of the bar, done. Three cans appear in HomeKit, can be named and now controlled by Siri via finger or voice command. Several other features are still in Eve.

Here you can set up circuit schedules and thus no standby devices such as TVs & Co. It turns off completely and saves electricity. In addition, you can see the current consumption of the device, you can extrapolate the annual cost, have an overview of total consumption and current total costs. You can also see nice diagrams for each of these areas, showing more details. You can also rename the device and activate parental control so that small villains do not accidentally turn off button devices. Children have no work in the drawers anyway. By the way: Small plastic fuses in the sockets are missing on the Energy Strip. You could have planned with us.

How fast does the tape turn when he asks kindly? Does any of you have Eve Energy at home? Do you know these terribly long waiting times when the box switches? It is thanks to Bluetooth and can be really annoying now and then. The Energy Strip communicates via the 2.4 GHz network and switches almost instantly. Several commands in a row, the bar works smoothly from scratch. Also in the mesh network, the bar is a good character because Koogeek has problems with a cheaper counterpart and sometimes doesn't respond (here's our test)

Conclusion on the Eve Energy Strip

The Eve force belt, in my opinion, is not only a good figure. It switches quickly, offers current measurement capability and can be controlled manually. Support for Alexa or Assistant cannot be found, so it's just for pure HomeKit users. The whole thing, of course, costs its price, 95 euros. The only alternative, however, is the Koogeek bar for less than 65 euros, which Caschy also does not recommend.

Check out the deals and hit if the Energy Strip is a little cheaper. You're not doing anything wrong with it.

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