Chess Championship 2018: Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana play for the start of the match

This first game forces you more. After a good seven hours of playing time, the Norwegian world chess champion Magnus Carlsen received the draw of his racer Fabian Caruen at the start of the World Championship in London. At that time, both played with only one tower and three (Carlsen) or two farmers (Caruana) next to their kings.

The Challenger from the USA played with the white and opened with the double step of the e-footpath. Carlsen responded and surprised his opponent with Sicilian defense. Caruana was nervous and spent significantly more time right at the beginning.

When Carlsen turned to the queen, melted and attacked the king's opposition, he looked like a winner. However, the world champion missed the decision between the 30th and 40th train. Instead, Caruana was able to freely and save after an exchange of old-age benefits, which ended in only one small letter.

Carlsen tried to introduce bugs in his typical way and bought even seven hours aboard. But Caruana was not sent after the 115th draw and secured a draw. This left the game just behind the world record. The fifth World Championship in 1978 between Anatoly Karpov and Victor Korchnoi ended in 124 moves.

Tomorrow Carlsen and Caruana sit opposite each other on the second game (16:00, SPIEGEL ONLINE live ticker). Then the world champion opens. Here you can read the first game step by step.

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