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Ebay: It is now cheaper for customers – vendors will lose influence

eBay recently announced revolutionary changes in payment processing. There are some changes for both providers and customers.

Munich – The eBay Online Market will go a whole new way, especially in terms of payment processing: In the future, it should be possible to impose up to now mandatory on-going steps and close purchases and purchases on the platform.

Managing New Accounts on eBay – Multiple Different Payments

Account management should provide an overview of all sales and payments to get transparency and simplicity. In addition, an American company with a range of payment options, such as direct debit, credit cards, and now Apple Pay and Google Pay, is paying for a wider choice of payments while promising merchants the benefits.

In her opinion, they will have lower payment processing fees in the future. However, German traders no longer have any influence on how they get their money. It makes the company no secret: "eBay has more control," eBay CEO Eben Sermon said in an interview with "Handelsblatt".

EBay providers can save fees in the future – this is also beneficial for private customers

Above all, the company wants to compete with competitors in any way: By allowing eBay to run all accounting processes through proprietary systems, it saves more on expensive payment service providers like Paypal. According to Focus Paypal, it charged 1.9 percent of sales plus $ 0.35 of transaction fee. As a result, eBay could rarely win over its direct Amazon competitor with offers. Amazon has often offered products at a slightly cheaper price because it has saved third party fees.

In the coming weeks, selected vendors will be invited to participate in the opening phase of the new payment process. It is still not known when exactly the new payment process starts in Germany. However, the online auction house plans to transfer a large number of dealers by 2021 to a new approach.

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