Everything off? Lisa takes off her wedding ring!

The first stress at the “wedding at first sight”: Lisa and Michael. Photo: So1

Zoff, kisses and a little romance. KURIER is watching the current episode of the dome Sat1. You can read the whole show here.

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Annika and Manuel: Different ways, restart – and the first kiss

There are no butterflies. The world is not rosy either. Love? Nothing! While Manuel wants to tick off the experiment, Annika wants to fight. Maybe there’s more to it than “good buddy.” The conversation while pedaling is honest. Open. But also sobriety.

“My problem is I don’t want to hurt you.” I’m afraid there are more feelings on your part than mine, “Manuel confesses. “Then just turn it off. I had to expect to be injured, otherwise I would not be able to log in, “Annika bluffs. She accuses him of masonry, of not getting to him. She wants to help him. But it doesn’t seem to be working. In principle, this already seems clear: This is the end of marriage!

Only Annika doesn’t want to admit it: “I’m a warrior!” She says. It is not possible to give up, no matter how many tears are needed.

And that’s it: Manuel and Annika each went their separate ways at the “Wedding at First Sight”. Photo: So1

“I’d like to know which way it’s going,” Annika begs at last. For this reason, he wants to separate spatially. After a short hug, everyone goes their own way. As protection against escalation. And suddenly Manuel realizes: Does it work forever? They are both sitting alone on the river bank.

Dr. Sandra Köhldörfer enters. Emergency brake: tips for couples. It will hit you Run again forward. And it is shared with one Love lock sealed on the bridge. And then it finally comes: the first kiss. Manuel takes a step toward her. No question: Although this marriage seems to have failed, Sat1 wants to keep the tension high.

She cries bitter tears: Annika at the “Wedding at First Sight”. Photo: So1

Emily and Robert: “I have to recharge, I need two days for myself”

Robert accompanies Emily to her house. You can leave a small distance there. “Emily needs it more than I do.” But I don’t think it’s bad, “says Robert. “I want to miss him too, I’d like to have one or two days to myself.”Emily admits. The mood on the honeymoon was tense. Somehow understandable in an exceptional situation for a week. Emily reveals: “I didn’t think the experiment stressed me out.” I would like to charge the batteries for two days and then visit you. “

They both know that in the week between the wedding and the return to everyday life, they have not only their partner, but above all I also got to know each other better.

Speaking of cognition: Emily and Robert visit their mother and stepfather. And they’re so damn curious. Have the newlyweds ever quarreled? “No,” she said. “I’d say if something bothered me.” But sound also makes music, “he explains. She misses Robert giving her a counterpoint. And she is also booked at the garden table with her family.

Emily explodes, “I’ve never had a boyfriend I could talk to as badly as Robert.” Her parents give tips to the new son-in-law. At least they do their best. Speak more, cling less. And is it to save a young marriage now?

Emily and Robert, meanwhile, have arrived in their daily lives and are visiting family. Photo: So1

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Lisa and Michael: “I don’t want it anymore”

During the honeymoon at Norderney, “Definitely yes!” Suddenly turns into a butterfly-free trip to Lisa’s stomach. The mood is as changeable as the weather on an island in the North Sea. He’s going on a carriage tour. And Lisa’s mood suddenly slipped into the abyss. “Suddenly a wall appeared and I didn’t want to anymore”, she says. He holds his hands too much, he cuddles too much. Michael takes his hand off her shoulder and turns away in disappointment. Lisa cries, “I knew it hurt him, but my own feelings were more important to me at the moment.” He feels pressured and wants to give the feelings time.

Will it work again, or is it the beginning of the end? “I’m really interested in where Friday’s butterflies went everywhere.” I don’t want to hold hands either, I don’t want anything now“Lisa will explode.”

Lisa seeks advice from expert Beate Quinn. “I feel overwhelmed,” he sobs on the phone. The expert tries to calm the completely upset bride. He advises to talk. To openness. From both sides. Michael should also ask questions and keep talking. Does it really help?

Lisa admits that when she is scared, she tends to run away. But if he does now, the marriage has failed. Michael offers any help. His biggest fear: that she wasn’t being honest with him.

But then expert Beate Quinn may have a saving idea. She thought! He sends them two for adrenaline treatment in the folding plane. Including a tandem parachute jump. And what will happen: Lisa finally closes. She is scared and howls uncontrollably. And he completely refuses. He wants to be a shoulder, she just wants to be quiet. And he even takes off his wedding ring.

By the way, Lisa eventually jumps. Is this overcoming also a turning point in love? After landing, the bride smiles: “I’d like my wedding ring back, please!” Maybe a symbolic act. The two want to take the time to shift into a gear. And after your honeymoon, treat yourself to a distance.

The quarrel is in the air with Michael and Lisa in the Sat1 program “Wedding at First Sight”. Photo: So1

Daniela and René: emotional roller coaster – bornteach honeymoon?

“The moment she was standing in front of me, I was just dumb,” René explains. “That really disappointed me,” he replies. And start crying. “I will never do that again.” I hope you don’t either, ” she looks questioningly at her future husband. “It was actually a plan, that’s why I’m here” – At least René will get it out.

When the registrar asked Daniel to say yes, he is not responsible for what feels like an eternity. “There was a lot going on in me.” I panickedwhen I suddenly realized it was a really big problem. Then he says briefly, “Yes, that’s right,” and René takes his heart off.

But then she confronts him and tells him that she is disappointed by his reluctance. “I’m very emotional, I think it’s a little colder,” he says. And after the “incident”, they claim that everything is fine again.

During the joint boat trip for the obligatory photo shoot, René takes Daniel’s hand. “It simply came to our notice then. Maybe it suits me pretty well after all. Love must grow, “he says. During the romantic wedding dance in the glow of sparklers, the two newlyweds become close. And tears flow from them during the fireworks. “It’s unbelievable that I can ever be so lucky,” Daniela beamed.

They held hands, the two fell asleep on their wedding night. And they’re probably happy tomorrow morning. Has a false beginning really been forgotten? René admits he was wrong. Daniela says: Sponge it. And he hopes for a first kiss during the honeymoon. The initiative would have to come from him.

In any case, René does his best. For Daniel, he even stops smoking on his honeymoon. But the bride still doesn’t feel well. He is even thinking about how to escape the awkward situation of sharing a bed with strangers. Does he end his honeymoon?

“Attraction is completely lacking.”“Even though she looks pretty good,” Daniela says into the phone, apparently completely put off by her many tattoos. That Grandma and Grandpa are on their feet – that’s too far for Daniel. He will have to live with that. Or end the marriage.

It becomes tedious back and forth. He obviously doesn’t know what he wants. If she doesn’t touch her, like at a wedding ceremony, she’s sad. If he takes her hand, it’s not right for her, it’s too much. It looks a bit childish, but completely restless anyway.

And when René also talks about children, about planning children, it’s really absurd.

They also said yes: Daniela and René. Photo: So1

Wiebke and Norbert: Relaxation. Hypothermia. Artificial.

Norbert is excited. Wiebke visits him for the first time in his house. To this end, it brings the apartment to shine. 400 kilometers are separated by a newly married couple in real life. During the honeymoon break, yes he only called twice. It doesn’t sound like you’re really in love. But it has already been suggested.

The greeting is also said to be relaxed. Maybe hypothermia as well. Artificial. In any case, she is not really warm. And the mood is depressing. Wiebke attributes this to the stress of the working week. Norbert is looking for reasons for a quick marriage. He talks about love: “I missed Wiebke very much.”

+++ Warning, spoiler +++ Warning, spoiler +++ Warning, spoiler +++

The wait is over. With loans from the previous episode, the bride Daniel owed the registrar an answer to an important question. Not only the audience, especially their “match” René is completely confused. The drama began when she first saw her future husband. She really said “no” and thus creates a novelty for the “wedding at first sight”?

Wiebke also caused a real shock in the last episode. At the end of the honeymoon, marriage to Norbert gives only a “20% chance.” The differences are too great. He is already deeply in love, he hopes for great love until the end of his life together and even cries in front of the cameras.

And what else “The Wrestling of the Century” by Lisa and Michael? So much for sure: It’s not as pink for the two of them as on the wedding day. A hot wedding night is followed by an ice honeymoon – And it’s not because of the weather.

Emily and Robert, meanwhile, have arrived in their daily lives. However, disagreements persist when visiting the family. “We’ve never really argued before”Emily reports proudly. Robert obviously sees it differently: “Well, sound makes music”he answers.

And there is no sign of love by Annika and Manuel. Instead: stress and tears. Are there two separate people again at the end of this episode? At least the preview suggests that a newlywed couple is not going in one direction together.

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