Fallout 76 is bombed on Metacritic with negative user reviews

The fact that Fallout 76 would have been a controversial game was also marked by the announcement at the E3. Now angry fans of the series game bombing Metacritic with bad reviews.

How do players play their anger on the internet? They punish the game with bad reviews and reviews. And that's exactly what Fallout 76 is all about.

Strongly criticized game

Why is Fallout 76 so criticized? Some Fallout fans wanted the single player game, Fallout 5. Paradoxically, fans longed for long-term opportunities to experience adventure at the end with friends.

Open PvP and waiver of the NPC also harass some fans. In addition, there has been a certain saturation in survival gaming, and Fallout 76 takes something at this point.sleep 76 lazy

Take a look at the Bombardment at Metacritic

What happened? Many angry fans of Fallout are currently running out of anger about online gambling and literally flooded Metacritic with bad reviews and scores of 0 points. But it is not always fair.

Here are some snippets that show that many fans just hit the game because of their disappointment because it's an online game:

  • idiots say to Metacritic: "Stay in peace, fall and shame on you, Bethesda! Fallout 76 shows how fanatics and greed of society destroy the brand."
  • KayZen writes: "Are you kidding, what is shit? This is the most nonsensical and disgusting game you've ever developed!"
  • Gregnator explains, "As a hard-hitting fan, I can say that this game is terrible. Seen from Fallout's point of view, this is not a catch-up game."

76 falls screen 11

Currently, the Metacritic game ratings are as follows:

Why is Metacritic the goal of a revolutionary bomb? This phenomenon of "bombing review" is actually known to Steam. If something happens there, they do not like fans, then bad reviews are going down and downgrading.

Fallout 76 was not released on Steam but on PC only playable on Bethesda Launcher. That's why frustrated players are looking for another way to bleed their anger. And the valve is now called Metacritic.

Gravity 76 Screen 4

It is possible to see the trend of ascension

Moves slowly: But by digging the comments and reviews of the disappointed Fallout fans, it turned out that there are also players who match the Fallout 76. Yes, there are legitimate critics and Bethesda is already working on patches, but the game looks very funny.

While yesterday's Nov. Metacritic rating was even worse – with 2.0 out of 10 for PC version, 1.7 out of 10 for PS4 and 1.4 out of 10 for Xbox One – numbers are slowly rising. However, revision-bombing will always have an impact on Fallout 76's rating on Metacritic.

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