Hitman 2 – Test, Action, PC, PlayStation 4 Pro

Providence versus Shadow Client

As for the story, Hitman 2 is continuously linking to what happened to his predecessor, who after the sixth episode left many questions unanswered. Emphasis is still on the mysterious shadow client who commissioned ICA attacks on senior members of the Providence secret organization. They are in important positions and use their power to shape world history according to their own rules. While the story in the first part was always touched, the mosaic particles slowly merge. Previous knowledge can not hurt what happens either in the predecessor game or in the Legacy DLC Pack, where the previous episodes are technically and mechanically upgraded. In general, story development is better here than in the first part. It's a bad thing to add cutscenes to slightly animated still pictures instead of classifying them. Even the limitations on the English version and the German subtitles are despite

The beach house serves as a warm-up exercise in a manageable environment.

The beach house serves as a warm-up exercise in a manageable environment.

good speakers again a little reluctant taste – especially due to the very successful complete localization of Hitman: Absolution.

Although the IOI basically holds in the episodic format of its predecessor, it has decided to publish the content in private, but completely identical. If you used the wait time between episodes to experiment with alternative methods and killing, you can move to the next scene. In order to do this, once the level is completed, you will instantly suggest other options for switching goals off. However, this only works conditionally, because you really want to know how this happens and what else to offer. Therefore, the instant release of all episodes and direct access to all content is a double sword. In the past, the excitement was bigger in order to focus more on the different places and their possibilities, as they waited for another episode. Again, you should take time again and try to complete the mission in different ways.

A huge playground for murderers

For six new places, Hitman 2: IO has once again created a huge, winding and colorful playground where you can really drop a couple like a killer. Re-discovering new nooks, listening to other conversations, and coming up with new ways to get closer to your goals and ideally turn them off as little as noticeably. Whether it's in the Miami Circle, the Colombian jungles, the winding streets of Mumbai, the idyllic suburb of the USA, or the fictitious island in the middle of nowhere, the place invites you to explore and inspire not only their diverse architecture and contrasting areas but also greatly thanks to the optimized graphic engine. Once again, they are quite impressed

Agent 47 knows how to attract unnecessary attention.

Agent 47 knows how to attract unnecessary attention.

Number of numbers that are especially urban surroundings like Mumbai or a well-attended racetrack full of life. But in terms of texture and lighting quality, it has increased significantly.

As for game mechanics, Hitman 2 feels familiar – it's no wonder, since from disguises to distracting maneuvers to poisoning and hiding the body, you've taken many elements directly from your predecessor. Even most of the objects with which you can collect or collaborate are completely identical. The same applies to a training program where you can ride a Yacht Calvin Ritter again and finish the training with an attempt to try again to assassinate Jasper Knight in the final exam. At least you know how a rabbit is running. To cover all of its tracks, go back to the search center and destroy the camera records thoroughly. In addition, items such as radio stations, vacuum cleaners, tossing coins, or even a crowded sink give the attention you need to slip around distrustful opponents who are again marked with a dot above their heads. Do you know it.

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