I love surprises! Oliver Pocher shows a happy new girlfriend

They are a couple: Oliver Pocher (40) presents the world with his new love Amira M. Aly (26) before! After the comedy star and Cologne were seen several times together, photographers cracked two weeks ago at the Oktoberfest. So far Oli has denied all the rumors of the turtle, but the entertainer has decided for a few trips: He appeared in Munich Oliver and Amira now for the first time completely open as lovers!

They both chose a charity gala in Munich to publish their relationship. At the edge of the event, a 26-year-old said dpathat they met with their friends a few years ago and lived together in Cologne. Amira he was more often with the comic, but never as his official partner. In fact, it was Oliver Pretty brunette at the beginning of October still known as his marketing assistant.

With their first common red carpet, expectations were expected for an unbelievable amount of torch. Jana Ina Zarrella (41) and husband Giovanni Zarrella (40) also participated in the Cast of the Pops: The Lecturer made the debut of the couple on the red carpet for her Instagram-Follower. "We have the first pictures, we have it!he said the amusement hostess of the hostess was amused at the scene, while Oli and Amira they could hardly remain serious, but they were still for the photographers.

Oliver Pocher at Andreas Rentz / Getty ImagesGalerie Gallery
Oliver Pocher at the premiere of "Collide" in Cologne
Amira M. Aly, ModelInstagram / amira_m.aly

Amira M. Aly, Model
Amira Aly and Oliver Pocher at Mc Donald's Benefit Gala in MunichInstagram / janainazarrella

Amira Aly and Oliver Pocher at Mc Donald's Benefit Gala in Munich

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