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In February, Apple hired an important 5G engineer from Intel to Macerkopf

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With surprise The news that Apple and Qualcomm settled their claims soon discovered that the chip maker will deliver 5G iPhone modems next year. For Intel, the agreement means that you will stop your own 5G development. The Telegraph, who has learned in recent days that Apple originally wanted to buy a chip division from Intel, now gives us another look behind the scenes.

Intel lost senior 5G engineer for Apple

According to The Telegraph, Apple hired Umashankar Thyagarajan from Intel in February. Apple probably thought in February of turning to Intel. According to an internal e-mail from Intel Thyagarajan, he was to play a key role in the development of the iPhone 2018.

Thyagarajan has worked for Intel for over 7 years and has worked in various functions related to mobile platform architecture. For the past three and a half years, he has been managing Intel's 5G Projects Development Director. Thyagarajan's departure was to be a "failure" for Intel's 5G effort. However, before Thyagarajan left, there were reports that questioned Intel's plan. The chip maker tried to meet the deadlines for its 5G development, which eventually forced Apple to cope with Qualcomm.

Intel recently confirmed that the 5G exit is not voluntary. So the 5G business is no longer "profitable" after Apple has agreed to Qualcomm. The message that they had lost one of their most experienced collaborators in the field had made the decision easier.

With his new employer, he will likely play an important role in the development of Apple's planned 5G chips. However, it will be several years before the iPhone maker has reached market readiness. According to experts, Apple certainly has the potential to create its own communication chips. However, in the next five years, the company will not be able to do without Qualcomm.

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