Jogi Löw: The DFB president has asked to resign – the national coach has stood up

Crisis summit on December 4

Joachim Löw is still under attack. The DFB has now announced that the national coach will remain – although President Fritz Keller apparently wanted to resign.

  • What’s next with the national coach Joachim Löw?
  • The DFB has decided.
  • President Fritz Keller he was allegedly fired three times with a motion to resign.

Frankfurt – hot winter at DFB: The discussion never ended National coach Joachim Löw larger. It is now clear that the 2014 world champion will remain in office. This was decided in a small group before the big crisis summit on 4 December.

The DFB announced on Monday, “the road to EU recovery from March 2019 National team WITH National coach Joachim Löw will continue without restriction “. He had President Fritz Keller initially obviously different plans.

After picture-Information, Keller tried three times Low resignation after European Championship 2021 convince! Apparently he fell into deaf ears.

Joachim Löw: national coach resigning after EM 2021? DFB President Fritz Keller had a plan

Loud picture should Keller WITH Low they called. The corresponding question: “Can you imagine a breakup after EM?” Low then he snorted: no.

Even on his second attempt Keller no luck: with a small peak Low, Vice-Presidents Rainer Koch and Peter Peters and Treasurer Stephan Osnabrügge, the subject of the contracts reappeared. Low he reportedly expressed his lack of understanding in a “very energetic, dominant and confident tone” that his person was now in discussion. He pointed out his successes in the last few years.

DFB Theater around Joachim Löw: President Fritz Keller wanted to resign after EM – national coach was tough

And number three: It should be in Löw’s absence Keller they re-expressed their thoughts. But also in DFB Presidium if he did not receive any support. Breakup after EM 2021 – and announce this decision now? Koch, Peters and Osnabrugge allegedly did not believe this plan. The announcement time is now, six months before the euro, too early.

Löw’s contract lasts until 2022. The national coach also wants to fulfill it. Premature separation? Of course, Loew decides for himself. (akl)

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