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Kevin Kühnert considers the climate protection law as a precondition for GroKo's survival

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Kühnert considers the climate protection law to be a precondition for GroKo's survival

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More and more top politicians are demanding a CO2 tax

More and more politicians are calling for the introduction of a CO2 tax on climate protection. Critics fear a drastic increase in fuel and fuel oil prices, which would only be for consumers.

The grand coalition is heading for its medium term – then partners want to take stock. In the SPD, boss Juso led resistance to GroK. What does Kevin Kühnert expect from inventory?

JCEO Kevin Kühnert sees little chance of surviving the coalition beyond its medium term without creating a climate protection law. In the longer term, he advocates the power perspective of SPD without CDU / CSU. "I find it difficult to negotiate, to continue at the end of the year if the Union is to prevent good climate laws," said Kühnert, a German press agency in Berlin. The European Union cannot be stifled by proposals by the Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) for CO2 taxation "cannot!".

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CO2 prices will be cheaper from renewable energy sources and more expensive fossil fuels

"In the coalition agreement, we have not given any specific target data for any reason," Kuehnert said. "This will have an impact on at least three major projects in 2019: our expertise, the climate protection law and the state-of-the-art Vocational Training Act." The mid-term coalition agreement assessment now offers the SPD – and probably last in this coalition – a strong opportunity to push the CDU / CSU to implement the agreement.

"We have to agree on a concrete course of action in the summer, because we want to make a revision clause," Kühnert said. "Whether the final vote of the members in the balance sheet of the coalition or the vote of the party congress will be the second.

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Climate change and illusion

Boss Juso was in favor of the GroK membership vote in February and March 2018. The review clause is also a concession to GroKo's critics. When implementing this Kühnert loyalty clause, it is important to: "Is the coalition agreement functioning as agreed?"

The main coalitions in the second half of the year would be a major source of conflict. "One cannot explain just before voting why things are not decided and why they disagree with them." Kühnert therefore advocated "updating the coalition agreement". Due to rapid changes in the digital economy or climate, it is not possible to codify everything for four years.

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With many others, Greta Thunberg demonstrated in the Swedish capital Stockholm for greater climate protection

"When performing a revision clause, we must also take care of peace in SPD membership," says Kühnert. "130,000 SPD members voted against the great coalition at the time." GroKo's opponents would have recognized the 2018 result at the time – but the review clause now needs to be taken seriously.

"In the context of a possible small coalition partner, the SPD has done the best in recent months," Kühnert said. But when it comes to climate, land rent or land, we see clear differences with the Union.

"SPD members feel proud about the SPD welfare state concept and pension debate," Kühnert said. "But everyone also knows that this is not a job for the coalition, but an inventory of the ideas we are working on in the SPD." "Then there must finally be a power perspective that doesn't include CDUs and CSUs, so our good ideas aren't drying out in the filing cabinets," Kühnert said. "The will and willingness of citizens to defend SPD policies depends on such a perspective."

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