Listen to the doctor for free! The band is now at Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer

"If I want to give someone something, then I will do it personally," said Farin Urlaub in an interview with "Westfälische Nachrichten" three years ago about the question of why doctors are not found on the Spotify streaming service.

Farin holiday: "I'm so disgusted"

The singer criticized the fact that the company paid the musicians a stupidity. Customers would have to endure advertising to listen to music at all. The streaming service earns money, but Farin Urlaub does not interfere with it. "I'm so disgusted that I do not want to be a client or a musician," he continues.

The singer speaks from experience because several days have been "doctors" already at Spotify. But with about 200,000 impressions, they would get only 16 cents, the singer said in an interview. Her lawyers then filed an appeal and downloaded medical music from the broadcasting platform.

The group wants to ensure "a global, all-day delivery of real music for doctors"

The change of heart, but now synonymous with music, is to set the group on its website as follows: "To ensure a world-class, real-time, full-time offer of The Doctors, we have been offering all medical albums for streaming since 16 November 2018.

However, the band still does not want to give up their conventional music marketing: "As we still care about the beauty and feel of our works, there will of course be CDs and vinyl recordings (these are the big, heavy, round, black laughing disks Decorative patterns on both sides ). "

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