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Lucien Favre is in criticism because of a sentence to fight the title

Lucien Favre, coach of Borussia Dortmund, has two faces on the German public. One of them is the genius tactic, the football obsessed – you can read it in the successful first round of BVB almost every day somewhere. The second face is that Zauderer and the lost Revierderby on the weekend gave some media opportunities to celebrate this picture extensively.

With his sentence after the last whistle, the title is "playful", Favre added a template. Franz-Josef Wagner, postman of the newspaper "Bild", said: "I don't like a coach who surrenders", yet, give up "if you can't breathe". "Image" columnist Alfred Draxler, who three days earlier wrote a rival Schalke in the country, even demanded that BVB participate with Favre if the club did not end up as a leader after months. Wagner's verdict: "You're not a guy for me."

"Focus" knew Favre "proves why she can't play titles after the derby disaster", and Eurosport, in online comments, posted the Favre title as "a real scandal".

Mostly spoiled on the microphone

Now, Lucien Favre is indeed no one who, in a short conversation, turns to the media in particular. Usually the mouth is lazy in the microphone, it does not give any secret that this part of his work makes him uncomfortable, maybe even ugly. It also earned him a reputation for difficulty. What can eventually live with "difficult" is one of his favorite words in public. This attitude may not be particularly professional, the times of Ernst Happel, the public principle and celebrated for him, are over.

It could also be discussed whether Favre resorted to the wrong tactics in the two key games of recent weeks in Munich and against Schalke, whether he forgot to defend the standard situation, whether his team actually overcame the title burdens or why some players were already in the final season. they are unable to show their best performance that was previously shown.

The sentence narrows the discussion

Instead, the discussion narrows to the hesitant Favre, who passed the sentence template immediately after the game. The sentence that followed the game not only Favre, but probably all thought: The thing is over, with Marco Reus also the most important man who is locked in red. The fact that Bayern Munich had not won seventh 1 FC Nuremberg at the time could not have estimated.

Anyone who knows Favre knows he's not a coach who calls his knife between his teeth to cut everything out to get rid of every drop of blood if all is mathematical. Only in the popular view of some feuilletons do the guys look the same. Favre's qualities are elsewhere.

Undoubtedly, Jürgen Klopp, the motivational guru of the German coaching guild, is not. But to blame the Swiss one sentence for not having won the title that enabled him in the first place? These are the things that make working with football fatigue. Or pick up Wagner's image: That's very breathtaking.

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