Oldenburg Rewe: Hatchet Attack! In the discounter it comes to the WC drama

In Rewe at Oldenbrug, two men attacked security staff with an ax (symbol)

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There was a brutal attack on the security officer at Rewe in Oldenburg. A tight attempted murder appeared in the toilet.

  • There was a cruel attack in Rewe in Oldenburg
  • Two men were surprised by the security service in the toilet from the discount
  • Then the duo turned in Rewe in Oldenburg to face an ax against him

Oldenburg – These are scenes you can hardly imagine: what in one Rewe in Oldenburg he did, he will only amaze you.

Security personnel controlled toilets. Two men surprised in the meadowwho never expected him. The caught duo lost its nerves The situation in Rewe has increased, This is reported by nordbuzz.de *.

Rewe in Oldenburg: The Beil Security Service seriously injured the attack

Two men in the toilet were sitting in the security service pepper spray against a 64-year-old security man. But it was even more brutal. With a blunt end and hatchet The perpetrators have defeated the security officer several times. Again and again. Rewe, a 64-year-old man, was seriously injured after a violent ax attack lying on the ground.

The taxi driver, who was brutally attacked by a group in Oldenburg, suffered similar brutality. It is also mentioned nordbuzz.de.

Oldenburg: Men are robbing Rewe after an attack with an ax and running away

He followed her Ax attack robbed the brutal culprits Rewe out. The duo caught the money, left Discos in Oldenburand escaped in an unknown direction. the wounded security service was in one hospital brought.

According to the police, he is now on the road to recovery after an attack by an ax.

Raid on Rewe in Oldenburg: Police investigate attempted murder and reward

Investigators Police Oldenburg determine after Ax's attack in Rewe because he tried murder as heavy robbery,

Meanwhile, one president of the Oldenburg Police Headquarters, Johann Kühme Reward 5000 euros they are exposed to the information necessary for education. t brutal act in Rewe and identify refugees. All information can be sent to Oldenburg Police via 0441 / 790-4115.

Important note police: The award and distribution of remuneration shall be decided with the exclusion of legal action. The remuneration is intended solely for private individuals who do not participate in the offense and not for public officials whose professional activities are the prosecution of criminal offenses.

Another terrible incident occurred when an eight-year-old ran around a perverted man on his way to school in Oldenburg, as stated by nordbuzz.de. Likewise, it came with a walk of two teenagers with a car to the drama in Oldenburg.


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