PSG Shock: Neymar and Mbappé injured in test victories – Int. football

Brazil, France and Italy each won 1-0

Among other things, Brazil, Italy and France have taken advantage of Tuesday's testing of the completion of international time. Seleçao fought Cameroon on a tired 1-0, but had to cope with the early failure of Neymara. His teammate Mbappé was replaced early in the French victory 1-0 against Uruguay. Meanwhile, the Azzurri have done this exciting long before Politano won the winner 1-0 against the United States.

Neymar and Kylian Mbappé

PSG stars in action: Neymars had to be replaced by early wounded against Cameroon, Kylian Mbappé fell on his shoulder – and had to get out.

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The Brazilians, who joined Neymar, Firmino and Willian, had the first shock. After just seven minutes, Neymar hurt after a long hit on the bar and had to be replaced. Without their leader, the team of Coach Tite was struggling with a big story, and Firmino failed twice on every heavily responsive Onan (22-44). Shortly before the break the five-time world champion finally hit, but Richymison, who came to Neymar, hit Willian's corner eight meters into the net (45 ').

There was not much change in the second round, although Bahoken of Cameroon simply lacked the equalizer. In direct return, Gabriel could increase Jesus, but the ball was not in the empty goal but in the post (53rd). In the episode, the events became even more distorted before finally finally turning wild: Richarlison was not able to get close enough (88th) first, then Zoua got rid of the last step in the 90 + 1 play. Brazil, after winning Uruguay in a few days, won the second victory 1-0.

Mbappé must get out – Giroud hits

World Champion France received Uruguay in Stade de France a little later in the evening, but also did not experience fireworks. The only excitement in the first round was the chance of Mbappé, which was stopped by Campana and landed unhappily on her shoulder. The result: He could not continue, even the second PSG supporter had to be wounded tonight (36).

After the break, Les Bleus gave Caceres a little more pressure and after trying to get Griezmann he got the ball home. Giroud took over the responsibility and shot straight to be 1-0 (52nd). It should stay because harmless South Americans can not benefit from the fact that France has left reins in the final stages of dragging something.

Politano will buy the dominant Italians

Squadra Azzurra celebrated the last international match of the year and defeated the United States 1-0. Against harmless Americans, the Roberto Mancini team set the tone, but left a number of significant opportunities. Also, Hoffenheim's Grifo, who, after a break, celebrated his international premiere, did not get away from the distance (70th). It seems Azzurri desperately feel his own harm than Joker Politano has saved his own goal and scored the ball after a remarkable combination at the last minute to 1-0 (90 + 4).


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