Sam Wieland dies at age 28: Schweighöfer mourns the songs – people

"Thank you for everything" …

With these words, Matthias Schweighöfer (37) said goodbye to his composer, Sam Wieland. A talented musician from Berlin died at the age of 28.

Schweighöfer recorded with Wieland the song "Auf uns two" for the first album "Laugh, cry, dance". At Berlin's Schweighöfer he invited him to the scene when he gave his first concert here.

Wieland has also written songs for Lena Meyer-Landruth, Andrea Berg and Howard Carpendale in recent years.

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Photo: Sony Music

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Sam Wieland (left) and his brother Chelo together form the hip-hop duo SAMPhoto: Sony Music

His greatest passion: his own band. Together with his brother Chelo Wieland, rap formed the band SAM.

After touring with Cro and two albums they could put on the charts, Wieland and his brother, both originally from Ochsenhausen, this summer signed their first major recording contract with the significant brand of Sony Music.

And now the unexpected death that was announced on Friday afternoon on the social media channels of the band. Details of the circumstances of death are unknown.

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