Samsung in Black Friday Mania: Anyone who buys a Galaxy mobile phone gets a free UHD TV

For example, if you opt for the WW5500T washing machine for 699 euros, you can access the 50-inch 4K TU8079 TV for free. Samsung says that this will save the purchase price of the TV, ie 663.76 euros, or 48 percent. The manufacturer, of course, uses its recommended retail prices (RRP) as a basis. In fact, television in the usual shops costs around 430 euros. The washing machine is available online from about 600 euros, for example here on Amazon.

So if you buy both devices on the open market, you will pay 1030 euros, while at Samsung you will now pay 699 euros in a double package. That’s a huge saving of 331 euros, or 32 percent.

Obviously: The agreement only pays off if you actually use both devices. Alternatively, of course, you can also try to sell equipment you don’t need. For example, on eBay, a new condition washing machine with a copy of the invoice should bring you 500 euros if you live in a metropolitan area where the buyer can easily pick up the machine.

In addition to this example below, you will find two other packages that could be useful. Experience shows that packages with mobile phones or TVs sell out quickly, so you should not hesitate too much, but you should also compare carefully.

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